MOD Balance in SBI, How to check SBI MOD Balance

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MOD Balance in SBI means Multioption Deposit in the Account. Check the mode balance in your SBI account using the YONO app and net banking at

If you are an SBI registered user, then you might have applied for one of their popular schemes, MOD, which stands for Multi Option Deposit, where deposits are made in the form of liquid cash. Once you have enough money in your savings + MOD balance account, you can use it to make any payments or withdraw money using a cheque as well. But before you do so, you need to check your MOD balance in your SBI account.

But before we start, the simple explanation is that if you have applied for MOD on your SBI savings account, if your funds are at one point more than required as per your threshold set limit, the remaining money will be transferred to a fixed deposit MOD balance.

What is MOD Balance in SBI?

The Simple Answer to the MOD Balance is called a Multioption Deposit in your SBI Account. MOD Stands to sweep the extra amount of your account to a Fixed deposit.

How to Check MOD Balance in SBI Account?.

The Multi Open Deposit scheme is well used as it has a low deposit and minimum 1-year tenure. So, if your MOD is either 1 Year or 5 Years Tenure based you can always make use of the different methods we’ve listed to check.

MOD Balance in SBI through Net Banking.

  1. Open your SBI Online account by logging in with your account details at
  2. Go to the Account Summary option, and Check Deposit Accounts.
  3. Under this, you will see different MODs and their transactions > Click on the “Click here for balance” option.
  4. It will show you your MOD balance using your SBI online account through an internet banking facility.

MOD Balance in SBI using YONO SBI App.

  • Open your YONO SBI app and log in with your account details.
  • Then click on My Accounts > Click on Accounts Summary to find the Deposit Accounts section.
  • Once you click on it you will find all your Deposit Account funds and transaction details that will help you to know MOD Balance using YONO App.

SBI MOD Balance Checking by Calling Customer Care.

A Phone Banking officer of State Bank of India can explain the complete information of the account along with MOD balance details after the user is verified. You can get complete solutions by contacting the SBI Customer Care Number.

Can I check the MOD Balance in SBI using SMS?

No, there is no direct SMS that allows you to check MOD Balance in SBI using the SMS option.

Where can I find MOD Balance in SBI Passbook?

If you have updated your SBI Passbook, you can find the MOD Balance after the last transaction.

Can I check MOD Balance in SBI using an ATM?

Yes, you can also use SBI ATM to check the MOD Balance in SBI and to do so, you have to follow the same transaction checking process, but now it will show the last transactions, and after that, the MOD Balance in SBI using ATM.


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