IDBI Bank FD Rates 2024, Savings & Utsav FD Interest Rates Revised

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IDBI Bank has announced good news for investors and depositors who want to make fixed deposits. Interest rates on savings accounts and fixed deposits are increasing. The revised new interest rates will be effective from April 15. Also, the Utsav Callable special deposit schemes, which give high interest, have been extended. Let’s find out the details.

IDBI Bank, which is a leading private bank owned by LIC and the Government of India, has announced good news for its customers. The bank has revised the interest rates of fixed deposits below 2 crores, increasing the interest rates for select tenures. These revised interest rates will take effect from April 15. Furthermore, the bank has extended the special deposit scheme offered for Utsav Callable Fixed Deposit until June 30, 2024. This information has been shared on the bank’s official website. Let me know if you need more details.

IDBI Savings Bank Interest Rate 2024

Saving BalanceRate of Interest (% p.a.)
Up-to Rs.1Lakh2.75
Above Rs.1lakh to  Rs.5 crore3.00
Above Rs. 5 Cr to 100 Cr3.25
Above Rs.100 Cr to Rs.1000Cr3.50
Above Rs.1000 Cr to Rs.1500CrMIBOR  +10bps
Above Rs.1500Cr to Rs.2000CrMIBOR  +40bps
Above Rs.2000CrMIBOR  +75bps
IDBI Bank Savings Account Interest Rates 2024

IDBI FD Rates 2024

Interest Rate (% p.a.)
Retail Term Deposits (< 2 Cr)
Maturity SlabGeneral CustomersSr. Citizen
0-6 DaysNANA
07-30 days3.003.50
31-45 days3.253.75
46- 60 days4.254.75
61- 90 days4.505.00
91 days to 6 months5.255.75
6 months 1 day to 270 Days5.756.25
271 days to < 1 year
(except 300 Days)
1 Year to 2 Years
(except 375 Days and 444 Days)
> 2 Years to <3 Years7.00 7.50
3 years to 5 years6.507.00
>5 years to 10 years6.256.75
>10 years to 20 years$4.80 5.30
                                     Tax Saving FD
5 years6.507.00
IDBI Bank FD Rates 2024

IDBI Utsav Callable FD Rates 2024

IDBI Bank is currently running a special scheme called Utsav Callable FD that offers attractive interest rates for three different maturity tenures. The scheme offers an interest rate of 7.05% for deposits with a tenure of 300 days, 7.1% for deposits with a tenure of 375 days, and 7.2% for deposits with a tenure of 444 days. Additionally, senior citizens are eligible for an extra 0.5% interest on these deposits.

Interest Rate (% p.a.)
Special BucketsGeneral/NRE/NROSenior Citizens
300 Days7.057.057.557.55
375 Days7.107.107.607.60
444 Days7.257.207.757.70
IDBI Special FD Interest Rates 2024

You are advised to visit a nearby IDBI Bank Branch or their official website to get complete information about Savings Bank Interest Rates, Fixed Deposit Schemes, and Special Deposit schemes. Here are the latest interest rates.


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