Public Provident Fund Investment Turn Rs 100 Per Day Into Rs 10 Lakhs

If you save small amounts and earn good returns, the savings scheme offered by the central government is perfect for you. It currently has an interest rate of 7.1 percent. If you earn Rs. 100 per day, you can get Rs. 10 lakhs after maturity. Not only that, there are also 3 types of tax benefits. Know about this scheme now.

Car Loan Interest Rates 2024, Top Banks for Car Loan in May 2024

Are you considering buying a new car and thinking of taking a loan from the bank? This month, many banks are offering car loans at low interest rates, which can help reduce the burden of monthly EMI. Let’s take a look at the list of banks offering car loans at cheap interest rates in May 2024

Gold Loan Interest Rates 2024, Top Banks for Gold Loan in May 2024

Many people are waiting for loans in banks. However, interest rates on personal loans and home loans are high. Gold loans, being secured loans, are offered by banks at lower interest rates. Let’s take a look at the interest rates offered by various banks for gold loans.

Best ‘AAA’ Rating Safe Small Finance Banks for Fixed Deposits in May 2024

When considering fixed deposits, banks are often the first option that comes to mind. However, it’s important to note that term deposits can be made in banks, post offices, and corporate bodies. While many people may think that corporate organizations are unsafe, financial experts suggest depositing in AAA-rated institutions is safer. 

SBI Hikes Short-Term Retail FD Rates from May 2024 Upto 75 bps

State Bank of India has given its customers some good news by increasing the interest rates on various tenure fixed deposits by 75 basis points. The revised rates have been in effect since May 15. The country’s largest public sector bank, SBI, has announced an increase in interest rates on fixed deposits for retail depositors below Rs.2 crores and bulk deposits above Rs.2 crores.

HDFC Bank First Virtual Credit Card Launches with 5% Cashback

The country’s largest private sector bank, HDFC Bank, has introduced new services, including a virtual credit card, which is a digital card. With a Rs. 500 annual fee, this card offers many benefits, including the ability to choose the credit card billing cycle date and the card’s design. 

SBI FD Double Scheme 2024, Rule 72 Formula for Investing Money

When considering making a fixed deposit in the State Bank of India, it’s important to know how many years it will take for your money to double. This can be calculated using the Rule of 72, which is a quick way to estimate the doubling time for an investment.