SBI OTP is not coming. How do you get SBI OTP by e-mail?

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SBI OTP Not Coming to the Phone? Get SBI OTP through email by Updating your profile with Email ID.

SBI provides its customers with online services that allow them to access their accounts easily. Online shopping with an ATM card is one example of such a service. To verify the transaction using an ATM/Debit card, you will need an OTP.

SBI OTP Not Coming

OTP is sent to your (RMN) registered mobile phone number by default. However, if your mobile phone is not with you or has not received OTP due to network issues, you may not use your card for online transactions. You can enable the OTP sent to your email address to avoid this. In this guide, we’ll look at how to get SBI OTP through email.

Why is SBI OTP Not Coming to Mobile?

There are reasons why we haven’t received the OTP.

  1. OTP Sent by the State Bank of India to the registered mobile number is inactive due to network issues.
  2. However, the main issue is that we may not have access to a cellular network in the location. Even if you have access to a network, reception may be poor.

If your network has limited connections, you should try the SBI Secure OTP program, which allows you to generate OTP without getting it by SMS. But first, make sure your email address is linked or not to your bank account.

Requirements to Get SBI OTP by E-Mail.

  1. Register your email address with the bank account.
  2. SBI Send the OTP both Mobile Number & Email ID to access your bank-registered email address.
  3. Update your profile with your email ID through Internet banking.

How to Setup SBI OTP by Email through YONO App

  1. Login Into the SBI YONO or Quick App usng MPIN & Password.
  2. Go to “My Profile” from the dashboard options.
  3. Select “High Security” Options from the drop-down menu, and Update your Email ID.
  4. Enter your Profile Password to Change the authentication mode from OTP to SMS and Email.

How to Get SBI OTP on Email through Net Banking

  1. Go to the SBI internet banking website at
  2. Login by User ID and password. Also, before logging in, make sure you enter the verified correct captcha.
  3. Select the “Profile” option from the menu options.
  4. Select “High-Security” choices, and enter your “Profile Password” and verify.
  5. Choose SMS and Email from the options list, Mode of Authentication through OTP.

If you need immediate and further assistance, call SBI Customer Care Number 1800 425 3800, toll-free, and speak with an SBI bank customer service representative for details.

Visit the nearest SBI branch and report to the helpdesk officer to update OTP preferences to get SBI OTP through email.

Why is my SBI OTP Not Coming?

Due to network issues like poor coverage or limited network, the SBI OTP is not Coming properly.

How can I Get SBI OTP through email?

By updating OTP Preference to SMS & E-Mail everyone can get their One Time Password (OTP) to both SMS & EMAIL.

Can I Update SBI OTP Preference through the YONO App?

Mobile banking facility is helpful for all banking needs, you can access it by updating OTP Preference on the high-security section.


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