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Axis Bank Balance Check Number Introduced for Axis Bank Account Balance Enquiry through Missed Call Number, SMS, PassBook Printing, ATM, Mobile App, and Net Banking at…

Axis Bank introduced a Toll-Free Number for balance enquiries to both Savings and current Account holders. The inquiry number allows users to know their account’s available balance and shows a summary of all the money that an account holder deposits or withdraws. It helps users track finances and understand their spending habits on a regular basis.

Axis Bank Balance Check Number

A Toll-Free Number is 18004195959, introduced by the bank to get the final or current status of the account balance by accessing, giving a missed call, or sending an SMS from the registered mobile number of the account holder. Axis Bank customers who have linked their mobile numbers with savings or current accounts can access the facility to know the account balance status.

Axis Bank Balance Check Missed Call Number

Missed Call service was introduced to know the account balance for both Savings & Current accounts balance inquiry by giving a missed call. Every account holder can access the facility by linking their mobile numbers. The below guide helps you to use the facility in a simple manner.

Axis Bank Balance Check Missed Call Number is 18004195959 (Toll-Free)

How to do Axis Bank Account Balance Check by Missed Call

  1. Give a missed call to 18004195959 from your registered mobile number.
  2. After 2-3 rings, the call will be stopped immediately.
  3. Within a minute, you will get an SMS with your account balance information.
    • To find out the balance of your Axis bank account, make a missed call to 1800 419 5959.
    • To get the same information in Hindi, you must make a missed call to the number 1800 419 5858.

How to Check Axis Bank Account Balance by SMS

  1. SMS Banking facility serves you with balance inquery by sending an SMS to registered users.
  2. To Register the AXIS Bank Customer ID input the whole 15-digit account number or only the last three digits, except for the CUSTID keyword, which requires the entire 15-digit account number.
  3. SMS costs in accordance with your operator’s guidelines will apply to SMS requests made by you.
  4. Please submit the SMS request to +919717000002 if you are a non-resident Indian.
  5. 5676782 or 9717000002 are the SMS Banking numbers.

Axis Bank Account Balance Check by Passbook

Each customer who opens a bank account with Axis Bank receives a passbook. Customers can update their passbooks by visiting their nearby branch by printing transaction history. The Axis Bank passbook holds comprehensive records of the account holder’s debit and credit activities.

The Passbook Printing gives complete information of the credits & debits of the account along with the final or current balance of the account.

Axis Bank Account Balance Check by ATM

The procedure for checking the balance of an account using an ATM card is as follows:

  1. Visit any bank’s nearby ATM with a valid Axis Bank ATM Card.
  2. Insert the ATM Card issued into the ATM and verify with the PIN Number.
  3. Select “Balance Enquiry” from the ATM menu.
  4. The account balance will be displayed on the screen upon selection.

Axis Bank Account Balance Check by Net Banking

  1. Visit the bank’s website at
  2. Log in with your User ID and Password to reach the account dashboard.
  3. Select ‘Account Details‘ and then select the account you want for the most recent balance.
  4. The account’s most recent balance will be immediately shown on the screen.

How to make Axis Bank Account Balance Enquiry through the Axis Mobile App

  1. Registered users can open the app on their smartphone.
  2. Login by using MPIN/Passcode or Biomatrics.
  3. After successful login, tap on the account to see the current available balance.

How to Check Axis Bank Account Balance through UPI

  1. Log in to the UPI app that is linked to the Axis Bank Account.
  2. Tap on the account and proceed with ‘Balance Check‘.
  3. Next, Verify the transaction with MPIN to display the account balance on the screen.

Note: Leading Unified Payment Interface applications of Google Pay, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, BHIM, BharatPe and all UPI App’s has a similar process to know the current available balance of the account.

Axis Bank Account Balance Check by Customer Care Support

Axis Bank account customers may inquire about their account balance by calling the customer service line at 1800 209 5577.

  1. From the registered mobile number call to 1800 209 5577.
  2. Select the “language” and “banking choice” when you call.
  3. Follow the IVR menu and select relevant input for balance inquiry.
  4. Then, you will receive an SMS with your account balance.
    • If you have a Call from a non-registered mobile number, verify your 12-digit account number, your debit card’s 16 16-digit number, and your ATM PIN.
    • Next, follow the IVR options to listen to the account balance.

Axis Bank Account Balance Check by WhatsApp

Axis WhatsApp Banking Service provides various enquiry services along with balance inquiries. The listed steps help you to access WhatsApp banking to know the balance statement of the account.

  1. Add to Save the Axis WhatsApp Banking Contact Number ‘7036165000’ in your Contacts list.
  2. Then, open WhatsApp and send a message, such as ‘Hi’, to the number.
  3. The menu options are listed as a reply.
  4. Send a reply with relevant input on the balance inquiry.
  5. Next, you will receive the account balance via WhatsApp reply.

What is the balance inquiry number for Axis Bank?

18004195959 is the Axis Bank Balance Enquiry Number for English. Customers can check their Axis Bank account balance in Hindi by dialling 18004195858.

How to check the Axis Bank Balance

Customers can check their balance by contacting the Axis Bank Balance Enquiry Number, using the missed call service, SMS Banking, online banking, mobile banking, passbook, or ATM.

Is it required to visit a bank branch to check my account’s current balance?

No, you do not need to visit a bank office to inquire about your account balance. You can get account balances by dialling 18004195959 from your registered mobile number, through online or mobile banking, or by sending the text message “BAL” from your registered mobile number 9717000002.

ATM Cards are used to check the account balance?

Yes, ATM cards can be used to verify the balance of an account.


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