Bandhan Bank ATM Block, How to Block Bandhan Bank ATM Card

Bandhan Bank is one of the popular banks in India. It gives ATM-Cum-Debit Cards to all account holders to transact online and offline. If your ATM Card is misplaced or stolen, keep you block your ATM card as quickly as possible. It is important to block an ATM card so that it is not misused or used improperly.

Bandhan Bank ATM Card Block

  • Calling Bandhan Bank ATM Block Number.
  • Report to the bank using the customer care helpline’s toll-free number.
  • Using mBandhan Mobile App.
  • By Internet Banking Facility.
  • Reporting at nearby branch channel.

Bandhan Bank ATM Card Block Number

How to Block Bandhan Bank ATM Card by Internet Banking

Bandhan Bank’s internet banking service helps you can block your ATM CUM Debit Card by following the steps below.

  1. Enter your login and password into
  2. Once you reach the account Dashboard, Go to “ATM Card Services” and select the “Block ATM Card” section.
  3. Select the required action for your card, such as “Block/Unblock Card” from the options.
  4. When you click this option, a new page will open with a drop-down list of all your cards linked to the account. You may block a card by selecting it and clicking the “BLOCK” button.
  5. Select ‘SMS OTP‘ as the option for authentication purposes and click “Confirm.
  6. After successfully blocking your ATM or Debit Card, a success message with a Ticket Number will be shown. Keep a copy of this Ticket Number for further use.

How to do Debit Card Blocking by mBandhan APP

  1. Open the mBandhan app. Enter your username and password to log in.
  2. From the dashboard section, Go to “ATM Card Services“.
  3. Next, you can see all of the ATM Cards that are linked to your bank account.
  4. Choose the ATM Card you want to block and press the “Block” button.
  5. That’s why the debit card is blocked instantly.

How to Block Bandhan Bank ATM Card by Calling Customer Care

  1. Contact the bank’s customer service department from the RMN at 18002588181.
  2. Choose the language in which you want to communicate from the IVR options.
  3. Dial the correct input to block the ATM card as per the IVR options.
  4. After the following option, select option 1 to permanently block your missing card or 2 to temporarily block the card.
  5. Your card will be blocked based on your selection.

How to Report Bandhan Bank Branch to Block ATM Card

  1. Go to the Bandhan Bank home branch, where you operate your bank account.
  2. Ask a bank representative for ATM Card or Debit Card services.
  3. Inform the bank representative at the register that you have misplaced your ATM card.
  4. The bank employee will support you in immediately blocking the card.

How to do Bandhan Bank ATM Card Block by Email

  • You can contact the Customer Care Department through email to get your ATM Cum Debit Card blocked immediately.
  • You can send an email to the address
  • Provide your ATM card along with your account information in the email.
  • Your card will be blocked by the bank as soon as possible.
  • Note: You must email the bank using the account’s registered email ID only.

For more and complete information, please visit the bank’s official website at or call the customer care helpline number, which is available 24*7.


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