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HDFC Bank offers several online banking services that make it easy for customers to check their accounts at any time. Customers who have an account with HDFC can now block their debit card right away using the bank’s online and offline methods.

Here, we have guided you to block your HDFC debit card in case of loss or theft by Mobile App, EVA, Phone Banking, Net Banking, WhatsApp Banking, Branch Banking, etc.

HDFC ATM Block Number

How to Block HDFC Debit Card by

  1. Open the link to reach HDFC Bank My Cards at
  2. Log in by using the registered mobile number of the ATM cum Debit Card.
  3. Verify with OTP and select Block Card, then give a reason for requesting a hotlisting debit card.
  4. Once contained, you will get an SMS confirming that the debit card is hotlisted for the RMN.

How to Block/STOP HDFC Bank ATM Card by EVA

  1. Log in to the bank’s official website at
  2. Click on EVA Chat boat, and verify your details by providing the RMN along with OTP.
  3. Additionally, provide your DOB, the last 4 Digits of the Card, along with the reason for the block.
  4. Instantly, the card service is stopped, and you will get confirmation by SMS.

How to Block HDFC Bank Debit Card through Mobile APP

  1. Open the HDFC Mobile Banking App on your phone.
  2. To get in, enter the Quick Access PIN or use your customer ID and password to sign in.
  3. To get to the main page, tap the menu icon and then the PAY button.
  4. In the sub-menu, choose CARDS.
  5. Select a card from the new page. Choose the card you require to block.
  6. Select the BLOCK option on the new page.
  7. Choose a reason for blocking the card. Additionally, you may provide a note.
  8. By using the BLOCK CARD button, you may quickly block your card.

Your HDFC bank debit card has been blocked, and no transactions can be done with it.

How to do HDFC Bank ATM Card Blocking through Net Banking

  1. On your computer/smartphone, go to the HDFC Internet Banking website at
  2. Now, log in with your Customer ID/Username and click Continue.
  3. Now, type your HDFC net banking password and accept the Secure Access Image and Message you received. 
  4. On the home page, choose CARDS from the main menu.
  5. On the left-side menu, select the Requests option under the Debit cards tab.
  6. Select the Debit card blocked option from the sub-menu. Select the card that you want to block.
  7. Now, choose a reason for blocking the card and click the BLOCK button. Your card will be immediately blocked.

How to STOP/BLOCK HDFC Bank ATM Card through SMS

To block your HDFC debit card through SMS, open the ‘Messages‘ app on your phone and enter the registered mobile number. Type BLOCK CARD in the Messages app followed by <last six digits of the debit card number> and SMS to 9223150150 or 5676712. The entered message is for blocking your HDFC Debit.

You will be blocked immediately after sending the SMS.

How to Block HDFC Bank Debit Card through Customer Support

  1. Dial 1860 267 6161 from the RMN of the Account.
  2. Follow the IVR Options and Choose the Card Block Option.
  3. Share the necessary information to verify the details.
  4. Once the call is successfully verified, you will get confirmation.

How to STOP/BLOCK HDFC Bank ATM Card by WhatsApp

  1. Save the HDFC WhatsApp Banking Number  70700 22222 in your Phone Contacts.
  2. Say ‘HI’ to get menu options, and choose the relevant option from the list.
  3. Verify the card details, such as the last 4 digits of the card etc.
  4. Finally, you will get a reply with the complete status of the debit card hotlisting.

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