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Block ICICI Credit Card Instantly to Switched of Domestic & International Transactions on ATM Withdrawals, Marchent Outlet, Online Payment, Tap & Pay through IMobile, SMS, Visiting Branch, Customer Care, and Net Banking at…

ICICI Bank has introduced various ways to prevent credit card fraud and make safe transactions. One way is to manage credit cards and set limits, such as decreasing or increasing limits or blocking cards. ICICI Bank credit card customers can manage the card block facility for International and domestic transactions for safe banking.

Block ICICI Credit Card

If your Credit Card is lost or stolen, you may block it quickly. Otherwise, the attacker with your card will transfer money, and you will be responsible for any payments. ICICI Bank credit cards are popular because they provide a system of rewards.

You must block a card if you have lost or damaged it quickly. Then, block your ICICI credit card by following simple methods.

Some reasons you might have to block your credit card are as follows…

  1. On Lose or Theft your credit card.
  2. If the card was used to withdraw cash from an ATM but did not get the money.
  3. You were notified about a transaction but did not complete it.
  4. If you misplaced your credit card.

Various Methods for Blocking the ICICI Bank Credit Card

The following methods are most useful for blocking the ICICI Bank credit card online & offline:

  1. Card Manager through IMobile App.
  2. Internet Banking.
  3. Sending an SMS.
  4. Calling to Customer Care.
  5. Visiting Nearest Branch.

How can you block an ICICI credit card by visiting a nearby bank branch

You can block the credit card at any ICICI Bank branch using the following process:

  1. Visit nearby any ICICI Bank branch at your current location, where you are in.
  2. Go to the “Helpdesk” office or “Privilege banking” section of the branch.
  3. Report to the bank officer by verifying your credit card account details along with your identity.
  4. The Bank officer will block the card immediately based on your service request.

Once the card is blocked, you will be notified by SMS. After the old card is blocked, you can request a new one.

How do you block an ICICI credit card by calling the customer number

The ICICI Bank Credit Card Customer Care denies access to the card if you call customer care number 1860 120 7777. You must contact the bank to block the card. Before stopping the card services, customer verification must be completed by the phone banking officer. Call customer service for a replacement card using the steps below.

  1. Dial 18601207777 from the registered mobile phone number of the Account.
  2. Select the responsible option from the IVRS Menu, as shown below.
    1. Select “Credit Card” Services.
    2. Choose “Block Card” Option.
    3. Enter Your “Last Four Digit Number of the Card Number“.
    4. Verify Card Details and Block it instantly.
  3. Contact the phone banking officer by giving responsive input.
  4. Discuss the support associated with blocking the card listed in your account.

The phone banking officer will help you block the card and make a request to issue a replacement card.

How to Block ICICI Credit Card by Sending an SMS

You can send an SMS from your registered number to block the card if your credit card is used unusually or you have lost it. The guide below helps you block icici credit cards by sending an SMS.

  1. Open the messaging app on your registered phone.
  2. Write a massage “CCBLK” it means Credit Card Block, and Send this message to 9215676766.
  3. Once sent, your card will be blocked instantly, and further transactions will not be allowed.

Follow the SMS format to block the ICICI credit card using the SMS facility.

CCBLK <last four digits of your card> to 5676766

Block ICICI Credit Bard through iMobile App

IMobile is an ICICI Bank mobile banking application that provides all bank services and credit card services. The application allows you to manage your card and block/unblock or limit transactions by following simple steps.

  1. Start the IMobile app by logging in with your 4-digit MPIN or biometrics.
  2. If you have more than one credit card, select “My Credit Card” and select the card.
  3. Tap on “Manage”, and you will see all the available options for the card.
    1. Domasti & International.
    2. ATM withdrawl.
    3. Merchant Outlet.
    4. Online.
    5. Tap and Pay.
      • You can “OFF” or “ON” to temporarily block the card service.
      • Or choose the “Temp Block” option to temporarily block the card.
  4. Scroll down to see a list of options along with “Block.” Tap on it to block permanently.
  5. To block a card, select and submit the listed colours.
    1. Select Card Number.
      • Select the card from the drop-down.
    2. Block Type.
      • Permanent.
    3. Reason.
      • Lost.
      • Stolen.
    4. Email & Mobile Number.
      • Automatially Displayed.
  6. . Now, you can block the credit card by “Submit” it.

A notification is sent to your registered mobile number, and your ICICI Credit Card is instantly blocked.

How to Block ICICI Credit Card through Net Banking

You can log in to your ICUCI online banking account and block the credit card from being used again. The steps you need to follow to block your ICICI Bank credit card with the help of Internet banking are shown below.

  1. Visit the ICICI Net Banking Portal at and Log through User Name & Password.
  2. Now you are redirected to the home page or dashboard of the account, then click the “Credit Cards” section from the “Service Requests“.
  3. Choose “Modification Related” and “Block Credit Card.
  4. On the next page, “Select the Card Number” and “Submit” to stop the credit card from being used.
  5. The card will be “Blocked Permanently” as soon as you make the request, and there is no way to undo it. So don’t worry—you will get a refund card shortly.

What is the ICICI Credit Card Block Number?

Contact ICICI Customer Care associate by dialling 1860 120 7777 to block credit card services instantly.

What is the ICICI Credit Card Block SMS Number?

To Block ICICI Bank Credit Card, send an SMS from your registered mobile phone number like CCBLK <last four digits of your cardto 5676766.

Can I Block the ICICI Credit Card through IVRS?

Sure, call the bank’s customer care number and follow the IVRS menu options: select credit card> block card>confirm.


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