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BOI Cheque Book Request is now easy to do online and offline. Bank of India chequebook requests are available by ATM, mobile banking, SMS sending, calling customer care, and visiting the branch.

Bank of India customers can request the latest chequebook in various ways the bank offers. Many customers are making their transactions using checks for essential payments, along with advanced payments.

BOI Checque Book

Those who need to apply for the Bank of India chequebook can request it by following simple methods. The below methods are very easy and helpful for submitting your request online and offline. In this guide, we have explained how to submit BOI ChequeBook requests online and offline.

Ways to request for BOI Chequebook

  • Mobile Banking App.
  • Sending an SMS.
  • Calling Customer Care.
  • Through ATM.
  • Internet Banking.
  • Visit the Bank Branch.

How to Request BOI Chequebook through Mobile Banking

Smartphone users of BOI who have installed the BOI Mobile App can use the facility to request a new chequebook using the mobile banking facility.

  1. Login to the BOI Mobile App through User ID & MPIN.
  2. Select the “Service Request” option from the menu list on the dashboard.
  3. Tap on the “Request for New Checkbook” Option and submit.

Now that you have seen that your service request has been registered successfully, you will receive an SMS message with complete information.

Bank of India Chequebook Request by SMS

To request a BOI chequebook, just send an SMS using the listed message formats. Using the SMS-based facility, you can have your chequebook delivered to your home address or picked up from your branch.

  • SMS format to deliver the chequebook directly to your home address.

CHBS <space> 15-digit Account number <space> ADR and send this SMS to 09212304242.

  • SMS Format to get a chequebook from your branch.

CHBS <space> 15-digit Account number <space> BR and send this SMS to 09212304242.

Bank of India Cheque Book Request through Calling Customer Care

  1. Dial the Toll-Free Number 1800220230 from your (RMN) registered mobile number.
  2. After connecting the call, Select the “Cheque Book Request” option by listening to the IVRS menu.
  3. If you encounter any issues in IVRS, you should directly speak to the customer care support phone banking officer and request help.

How to Rise BOI Cheque Book via ATM

  1. Visit the nearest Bank of India ATM Center (Don’t go to others).
  2. Insert your ATM Card, and Verify with PIN; Select the Services option.
  3. Choose the “Cheque Book Request” option, and confirm it.

Now, you have received a confirmation message to your (RMN) with a reference number for your service request.

How to request a Bank of India chequebook through net banking

Bank of India’s Internet Banking facility provides you with all services offered by the bank. Registered users of BOI Net Banking can follow the steps to rise for the latest chequebook.

  1. Open the Bank of India Personal Banking Portal.
  2. Login
    • Log in using your User ID & Password, and go to the dashboard.
  3. Cheque Book Request.
    • Select “Requests” from the dashboard, then choose “Cheque Book Request” and submit by selecting the account number.
  4. Verify.
    • Verify the service request by entering the transaction password to fulfil the request.

Cheque Book Requesting by Visiting BOI Branch

You can apply from any Bank of India Branch by submitting a request. The guide below helps you apply for the Bank of India new chequebook from the branch, and it’s purely an offline method.

  1. Visit any BOI Branch near you and contact the helpdesk officer.
  2. Ask for the chequebook request form and complete it with the account holder’s complete information and address.
  3. Sign the from, and submit at helpdesk officer, they will verify and rise cheque book service request from the bank side.

You will receive details of the request via SMS with the request’s reference number. You will receive the BOI chequebook by post within seven working days.

How Can I Track Bank of India Check Book Status?

Once you have raised the request, you will receive everything updated through SMS. For example, dispatching tracking code information will be sent to your RMN. You can also track online using the Tracking number.

How Can I Get a BOI Check Book through Phone Banking?

You will make a request by calling the customer care toll-free number 1800220230 from your registered mobile phone number.

Can I Get the Bank Of India Cheque Book from the IOB Mobile App?

Yes, this is the best way to create a request for a new chequebook from the mobile banking app.


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