Canara Bank Mini Statement Number 2024 by Miss Call, SMS, Mobile App, Net Banking

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Canara Bank Mini Statement Download by Missed Call, SMS to 09015734734/09015613613 CANDI Mobile App, Net Banking at…

Canara Bank has provided the facility for enquiring about a Mini Statement and downloading the latest transaction history by giving a missed call. It allows you to get the 5 latest transactions of the savings or current account statement instantly through an SMS.

Canara Bank Mini Statement Number

Every account holder can instantly access the missed call facility to get their account mini statement. The Canara Bank Balance Check by SMS or Missed Call service is available by registering a mobile phone number through KYC.

Customers who have registered or linked their mobile phone numbers can access the Canara Bank Mini statement by SMS or by just giving Missed Calls at any time and anywhere free of cost.

How to Register a Mobile Number through Canara Bank KYC

It’s very simple: Visit your bank’s responsible branch. If you have not reached your branch, contact a nearby branch to update KYC. Submit the KYC form with a valid mobile phone number. The bank officer can verify and approve your KYC form within a working day.

The bank account holder must register the Know Your Customer (KYC) form, which is mandatory. After successfully updating the KYC with a mobile phone number, you can access mobile banking services using the phone number.

Canara Bank Balance Mini Statement

Transaction history of last 5 transactions checking is the most important service for both savings & current account holders of the bank. Customers need to instantly check their mini statement to know about their funds. Canara Bank provides the service in various ways like Missed Call service, SMS Based Service, Mobile Banking & Internet Banking.

Here, we have shared complete details with steps to check using the following different, most useful ways or methods anywhere, 24/7.

  • By Visiting Nearest ATM Center.
  • Giving a Missed Call.
  • Sending an SMS.
  • Mobile Banking.
  • Net Banking.

How to Check Canara Bank Balance through ATM

Generally, every bank ATM centre can provide the service to check mini statements. However, the bank ATM centres provide the facility free of cost for unlimited transactions at any branch. Charges are applicable if you have used other bank ATMs after reaching other banks.

Follow the steps to check at the ATM Center.

  1. Visit the ATM Center near your bank or other bank.
  2. Insert your ATM Debit Card and select your preferred language.
  3. Choose the Mini Statement option and proceed.
  4. Enter 4-digit PIN Number and press enter.
  5. A printable copy of the statement is obtained from the ATM as a printout.

An SMS alert is also sent to your registered mobile phone number regarding the transaction of ATM service with complete details.

How Get Check Canara Bank Mini Statement through Missed Call

This is a simple method to get transaction history for the latest deposits and withdrawals instantly as a mini statement of up to 5 transactions. Those who have registered their mobile phone number through KYC can access it free of cost at any time. Basic and smartphone users can access without the internet to know their account balance with a mini statement by following the steps.

  1. Dial the below listed Toll-Free Missed Call Number from your Phone.
    • Open the dial pad of your registered mobile phone, if any, Smartphone or Basic Phone.
  2. Call the Toll-Free Canara Bank Mini Statement Number.
    • If you are interested in getting in Hindi, dial 09015734734, or if you are getting in English, dial 09015734734.
  3. Disconnected your Call after Calling.
    • Once your call is connected to the system, it will be disconnected automatically after two rings; verify your account details and send the balance with a mini statement details.
  4. You will get an SMS Alert with the latest transaction statement.
    • The latest deposits and withdrawals of the account linked with the mobile phone number will be received.

How to Get Canara Bank Mini Statement by SMS

Anyone who needs to get their account’s transaction history can dial 09015483483 from the registered mobile number to get the transaction history by SMS. As in the above steps, dial the Toll-Free Number to get the transaction history through SMS.

What is the Canara Bank Mini Statement Toll-Free Number?

Two different phone numbers are provided to check the balance, supporting Hindi and English. The below TOLL-FREE Numbers are official numbers to get statements through Missed calls and SMS.

How to Get Canara Bank Mini Statement

Mini Statement means a short statement of the account that maintains the latest debit/credit or deposits/withdrawals. Canara Bank also provides the Mini Statement to all savings and current account holders through Missed Calls, SMS, Mobile Banking apps, and Internet Banking services.

Below, we have shared the information to get through Mobile and internet Banking Services. We already discussed balance checks and getting mini statements by missed calls and SMS-based facilities above.

Follow the process to generate a mini statement with month—and year-wise balance statements through Mobile Banking and Interment Banking services.

How to get Canara Bank Mini Statement through the CANDI MOBILE App

CANDI MOBILE is a mobile application that supports Android and iOS users and was developed to provide mobile banking services to the bank’s savings and current account holders. Smartphone users can install the app to access all banking services, download mini statements, and more.

Here are the steps to get by the CANDI MOBILE App

  1. Install the CANMOBILE App on your Smartphone.
  2. Open the App, and log in using your User ID & PIN.
  3. Select Enquiry Services, and then select Mini Statement Enquiry.
  4. Enter M-PIN, and then Mini Statement is displayed, including 5 recent transactions.

Canara Bank Mini Statement with Monthly & Annually by Net Banking

Internet Banking is the ultimate destination for accessing self-banking services. Statement generation & downloading in PDF & Excel to monthly & annual statements are possible by following simple steps from the Canara Bank Retail Login.

  1. Login into the Canara Bank Retail Banking Services portal through
  2. Complete the process login using username & password by entering the security test.
  3. Go to the “Statement’s” section and choose Mini Statement, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year as required.
  4. Hit on the generate option, and then the statements are generated to download and take a printout.
  5. Download as Excel & PDF format, and save for future reference.


Can I check my Canara Bank mini account statement without using the internet?

Yes, you can Dial the missed call-based balance check number to get a mini statement of up to 5 transactions.

How can I check my Canara Bank mini statement?

Multiple ways are available to generate a mini statement, and the above process helps you determine your balance with a mini statement.

Can I access mobile banking services using a basic phone?

It is possible to call the phone banking officer by calling the customer care number using the registered mobile phone number and connecting with the phone banking officer.

How can I check my Canara Bank mini statement offline?

It’s possible to Call the missed call numbers as per the above discussion.

Which is the supported one to get a mini statement, a Smartphone or a Basic phone?

There is no difference; both are supported to get balance with mini statements using the SMS & Missed call numbers.

What is the official Canara Bank Mini Statement Missed Call Number?

The Bank maintains those numbers as official to check and generate balance statements. 09015734734 (For English Mini Statement), 09015613613 (For Hindi Mini Statement), 09015483483 (Balance by SMS)


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