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The Central Bank of India is also a Nationalized Bank of the Country. It provides Banking Services under RBI rules and guidelines. Like all other banks, this CBI Bank also stores Customers’ Data under a unique Customer Information File Number (CIF). Each Customer of the Bank has been assigned the CIF Number linked to all their accounts, such as loans, savings, deposits, demat, and others.

CIF Number Central Bank of India

The Customer File Number (CIF) is necessary to link all other accounts of the Customer of the Bank. The CIF Number provides all the details of the user to avail of various services and facilities.

What is the CIF Number, Central Bank of India

  • Every Cousemer has a unique file number called as Customer Information or Identification File (CIF) Number.
  • Under the RBI Guidelines, every bank generates the CIF Number for each customer, similar to the SBI CIF Number.
  • CIF is an 11 11-digit unique Number provided to each customer at the time of Account generation.

When do we need the CIF Number?

  • It’s required only for internal use of bank services.
  • CIF Number Required at the time of Internet Banking Registration and Transferring the account from one branch to another branch.
  • For others, there is no need to use the CIF Number, and it’s used internally in the bank.

How To Find the Central Bank Of India CIF Number?

The Central Bank of India CIF Number can be found online and offline. CBI Bank has placed the CIF Number on the Passbook’s front page, Statements of Account, and Cheque Book. Every Central Bank of India user can get their Customer Information or Identification File number online and offline using the following simple methods.

How to get CIF Number Central Bank of India Offline

CIF Number get by Passbook

  • Every Bank provided the Passbook with complete information of the account along with customer details.
  • You can find the CIF Number on the front page of the passbook located at Customer ID, Account Number, Address, and Bank ID.
  • Most of the banks have printed the CIF Number or Code below the account number with 11 digits.

By Account Statement

Apply for a Statement from the Branch or download it from a Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking. CIF Number is printed on the first or front page of the statement.

Through Chequebook

The Bank-issued Chequebook also maintains the CIF Number along with all other account details, such as Account Number, Customer ID, IFSC Code, Branch Code, etc.

Contacting Customer Care

You can get it by calling the Toll-free Customer Care Number 1800221911 from your registered mobile phone number. After verifying the customer, the phone banking officer will provide you with the associated CIF Number.

How to get CIF Number Central Bank of India Online

The steps below will guide you in getting the CID Bank CIF Number Online using a mobile banking app or an Internet banking facility. To know your Central Bank of India CIF Number Online just follow the steps.

  1. Login into CBI Bank.
    • Login to your account through Internet Banking or Mobile Banking App using your Username & password.
  2. Go to Your Profile.
    • Go to the Profile section on the CBI Mobile Banking App or Net Banking by using the Menu options.
  3. Know your CBI Bank CIF Number.
    • Once you reach your profile, you will see the CIF Number and your name.

That’s it. Using the above simple methods, getting the Central Bank of India Customer Information File Number is very easy. For more details, please visit

Can I get my CIF Number from the branch?

You can get the CIF number associated with your accounts from the responsive bank officer at your branch or any Central Bank of India branch.

How can I get my CIF Number using the registered mobile number?

You can get the CBI Bank CIF Number via phone banking officer by using the registered mobile phone number calling the customer care number 1800221911.

Is the CIF Number required for regular banking transactions?

No need. CIF Number requires the services requested to transfer accounts from one branch to another branch and apply them to the new internet banking facility registration.

How many digits does a CIF number have?

It is an 11-digit unique number called Customer Information File Number.


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