HDFC Debit Card Transaction Block, How to Disable Online Transaction in HDFC ATM Card

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Disable online transactions using an HDFC debit card through the HDFC mobile banking app and net banking at

HDFC Bank has provided the facility to Block ATM cards temporarily and Permanently to stop transactions. Debit Card management makes it very easy to limit transactions by disabling debit cards through the HDFC mobile banking app.

Many people are worried about online fraud or attackers accessing their bank accounts. However, one can take some simple steps to prevent unauthorized ATM debit card usage. After the trying-to-block request is completed, further cash withdrawals or online transactions are not allowed.

HDFC Debit Card Block

The HDFC Bank customers who have faced theft, loss or fraudulent activity can disable their ATM card transactions in three ways. HDFC Netbanking customers may quickly block debit cards online. They may also, cancel or disable cards using HDFC Phone banking.

Disable Transactions in HDFC Bank ATM Card

  • Net Banking.
  • Mobile Banking.
  • Phone Banking.

How to Disable online transaction in HDFC Debit Card by Internet Banking

Disable Online Transactions on e-Com, NFC and others the customer must have enabled their net banking facility. The steps below guide you on stopping ATM Card transactions by disabling debit card transactions.

  1. Open the HDFC Net banking website on a PC or smartphone at
  2. To continue, enter your Customer ID OR User Name.
  3. Enter the Netbanking password and check your Secure Access ID.
  4. After logging in, choose the ‘Cards‘ option from the main menu.
  5. Now, from the left menu, choose ‘Debit Card‘ option and then click the ‘Request‘ option.
  6. Then choose ‘Set debit Card Usage Limits‘.
  7. Select the Card number and click ‘Continue‘ on the next page.
  8. Expand the appropriate selection on the new page if you use more than the daily limits.
  9. Select the OFF radio button next to ‘Online Usage‘.
  10. Scroll down and select ‘Continue‘.
  11. On the new page, confirm your changes and click Continue.
  12. Your card is now blocked online.

How to Disable HDFC ATM/Debit Card Online Transaction through HDFC Bank App

  1. Open the HDFC Mobile Banking App.
  2. Login through Customer ID & Password.
  3. Go to the the menu, select “Pay“, then Choose “Cards“.
  4. Now you can see your Debit Card details on the screen. Select and Proceed.
  5. Next, you can block the debit card instantly.

How to Disable Online Transactions in HDFC Debit Card by Calling Customer Care

  1. Dial your HDFC Phone banking Toll-Free number 1860 267 6161.
  2. Once connect the call, follow IVRS Options to choose a bank account.
  3. Enter your customer ID OR debit card number, last four numbers, and hash key.
  4. Confirm with an OTP sent to your registered smartphone.
  5. After logging in, choose the change option.
  6. Select online transaction, then deactivate.

In case of any issues, directly contact the support agent through IVRS to manage your debit card online transactions. You have not been able to access the online facility contact the nearest HDFC bank branch helpdesk, they will help you block or limit transactions of the account.


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