How to Change ICICI Bank Net Banking User ID Online & Offline

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Change ICICI Bank Net Banking User ID Online and Offline through Customer Care Support and Internet Banking Facility at…

Every ICICI Bank account customer gets access to the bank’s online service by internet and mobile banking. A User ID is given to use the online services, all users can create their own passwords to log in by using their user ID and Password.

The ICICI bank User ID is a collection of random letters that are difficult to remember. So, it must be changed to include some simple and memorable characters. Let’s discuss how to change the ICICI Net Banking User ID.

ICICI Bank User ID Change

If you can’t remember your ICICI Net Banking User ID, you may change it. Every account holder will receive the default customer ID after opening the savings account to access net banking, then need to generate a password through the temporary password.

Once you successfully log in with your Username and password, you can change your ICICI Bank User ID online. The guide below helps you change your username online and offline.

How to Change ICICI Bank User ID through Net Banking

  1. First, Go and log into
  2. After logging in, choose “OVERVIEW” from the main menu, then go to “Personal Details“.
  3. Click “Update User ID” under My Profile, then enter “New User ID” on your own.
  4. Verify it, and re-enter to “Confirm” by OTP verification.
    • Remember that the first two characters must be alphabets.
    • ICICI Bank also allowed just one-time user ID changes. It can only be changed once.

How to Change ICICI Bank Net Banking User ID by Customer Care

  1. Call the Customer Care helpline number on your registered phone number 18601207777.
  2. Choose the responsible option from the IVRS menu to identify the customer ID.
  3. Your user ID will be read aloud during the phone call.
  4. Connect to the phone banking officer, and ask for updating User ID.
  5. They will help you to update to change your User ID.

Note the Important points before changing the user ID in ICICI bank

  • Remember that the user id cannot be changed once updated.
  • Check twice before updating.
  • Remember the user ID because updates may only be done once.
  • In my case, I use my full name without capital letters, spaces, and symbols.
  • If “Date & Amount Format” is already selected, the “update user-id” option will not show.
  • For more details, please read the page.

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