How to Check Bank Balance by ATM

Check your bank balance by ATM using the debit card of the account. Balance Enquiry at a nearby ATM is simple…

A Bank Account balance enquiry through an ATM is a good option. Citizens of the country with savings or current accounts can check available funds in the report using a debit card at the nearest ATM centre. Large-scale public sector, private sector, small finance banks, and localized cooperative banks also issue debit cards to their customers.

Every nationalized bank has issued VISA, MASTER, and MAESTRO Debit Cards. Recently, most banks have given RuPay Debit cards to their customers for ATM transactions, such as balance enquiries, withdrawal money, and online purchases. Everyone can make balance inquiries through simple steps using their Debit cun ATM card.

How to do a Balance Check by ATM

  1. Visit a nearby ATM Center that’s operated by your own bank or another one.
  2. Inset the Debit Card into the ATM Slot.
  3. Verify with 4-digit PIN Number.
  4. Select ‘Balance Enquiry‘ from the ATM Screen Options.
  5. Once the bank servers are verified, the ATM displays the available funds in the account.
  6. If you want a copy of the print, proceed with the print option.
  7. The ATM has now released a print reflecting the balance statement and transaction details.
  8. Finally, press the ‘Clear’ or ‘Cancel’ key on the ATM and exit safely.

Please Note:

  • Please try to make balance enquiries only at your own bank ATMs. Once the transaction limit is reached, other banks are charged.
  • Every Bank ATM provides a balance enquiry service to all bank customers 24/7.
  • Don’t Share your ATM PIN with others or make any ATM transactions with others’ support.
  • To Avoid ATM fraud, please take all precautions suggested by experts along with your bank.
  • Once your transactions are completed, press the’ End’ or ‘Cancel’ Button on the ATM. This will close the line from the ATM to your Bank Account.
  • For any additional support, please contact your bank customer care toll-free helpline number.
  • Use Missed Call Banking through All Bank Balance Check Missed Numbers.

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