How to Check Bank Balance by Customer Care Helpline

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Bank Balance Check by Customer Care Helpline is Toll-Free. Customers of the bank can make a Balance Enquiry through the Customer Care Toll-Free Number by IVRS and email it to the bank.

Each Public and Private Sector Bank in the country has its own Toll-Free customer care number. Various banks have introduced a number of customer care helpline numbers based on the subject differently. Customers of the bank can contact the customer care helpline to find available funds in their account by selecting the balance inquiry number.

Phone banking is the easiest way to enquire about balance through the registered mobile number. Emailing the bank is also a good way to get the required information officially. This guide will show how to check the account’s available balance through the customer care helpline.

Balance Check through Customer Care

Multipurpose toll-free numbers are provided to check bank balances. Missed call banking and SMS banking are the most popular and easiest methods to inquire about balances using a customer’s phone number. The below steps help you know your bank balance by calling the Customer care helpline.

How to Check Bank Balance by Calling Customer Care Toll Free Number

  1. First, know your bank offers a 24/7 customer care helpline number that’s is Toll-Free.
  2. Dail to the number on your phone that’s linked with the bank account number.
  3. Follow the IVR menu options carefully; each bank changes its IVR options based on the subject.
  4. Select and give input to the relevant option of ‘Balance Enquiry‘.
    • In this section, some banks must verify the customer by entering the account number & IFSC Code twice.
    • Optionally, customer verification is also available by entering an ATM Debit Card Number along with a four-digit PIN.
  5. The Bank IVRS System now says the available funds are in the account on the call.
  6. If you are interested, provide input to get the statement by SMS.
  7. Instantly, the balance statement was sent by an SMS message.

How to do Balance Enquiry by email

Email the bank with your inquiry by providing complete information about the account and the necessary information. Customers can send an email using only their registered email ID linked to the account. Your bank will verify the account details and give a reply to the query along with attaching a balance statement PDF that’s password protected.


  • Every bank will give responses only to registered users. So, every customer must register their mobile number and email ID with their account.
  • Call the bank helpline number only through an associated mobile number on the account. When you have called from the linked mobile number of the account, your identity is automatically verified; otherwise, you need to verify your details by providing account or Debit Card details to the phone banking officer.
  • Write an email inquiry using your registered email ID only. The bank will not respond to unauthorised emails. Every bank responds sincerely and replies that it is only for authorised customers who request it from their linked email ID.
  • Don’t use the customer care number for every question; use the toll-free number specially introduced for services like balance enquiries by missed call banking.

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