How to Check Bank Balance by Mobile App

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Bank Balance Check by Mobile App introduced under Mobile Banking Services, Account Available Balance Enquiry through Mobile Banking Apps are helpful to Smartphone Users…

All Banks in the country have introduced mobile banking services through their mobile applications. Customers who have smartphones with good internet connectivity can use the facility for all banking services. This is an alternate way to net banking services, and mobile banking serves all bank services like net banking.

Customers can register at their bank to access mobile banking facilities, and various banks automatically enable the service. Using the mobile banking application, the user can also enquire about balance checks. This guide helps to know the current available balance in the account through a mobile banking application issued by the bank.

Balance Check through Mobile Banking

In this digitalized world, Mobile Banking is an innovative service that’s available 24/7 from anywhere at any time. It gives more convenience to the customer to make transactions, make enquiries, download statements, etc. Every customer of the bank can follow the steps to find available funds in the account instantly and in a simple manner.

How to Check Bank Balance by Mobile Banking App

  1. Install the Mobile Banking Application introduced by the responsible bank.
  2. Each bank provides Android application and iOS Applications separately from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  3. Must register using a debit card or account information provided by the bank.
  4. Create a Secure ‘MPIN‘ and link it with ‘Biomatrtics’, which enables smartphone fingerprint or face recognition.
  5. Activated the Mobile Banking services instantly on the Smartphone.
    1. Login into the responsible bank application through ‘MPIN’ or ‘Biometrics’.
    2. Select the ‘My Account’ tab on the dashboard and tap on it.
    3. Now the available balance is displayed on the screen.


  • You must link your mobile phone number to your bank account.
  • Install the official mobile banking application introduced by the bank.
  • Dont install third party applications, it’s very dangerous, must beware of it.
  • Some banks provide multiple apps, like mPassbook, Quick Pay, or UPI; use those applications based on your requirements.
  • Advised to install the latest or updated application version supporting all bank services.
  • Missed call banking is also helpful for using balance enquiry available under phone banking services.

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