How to Check Bank Balance by WhatsApp

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Bank Balance Check by WhatsApp banking is the latest facility introduced by leading banks in the country. Balance Enquiry through WhatsApp is a simple way…

All Leading Public and Private Sector Banks have introduced WhatsApp banking to their customers. An Account holder who has a Smartphone and good internet connectivity can access WhatsApp banking services anywhere and anytime. The Bank Account holder who has linked their mobile number with their account number can access the WhatsApp banking facilities unlimitedly.

This advanced service allows users to make enquiries using their WhatsApp account. Every customer can utilize the service for balance enquiries along with other services offered by the bank. The guide below helps you find the funds available in your account through WhatsApp messages.

How to do Bank Balance Enquiry through WhatsApp

  • Subscribe to the bank’s WhatsApp number through the joining link on the bank website.
  • Various banks have introduced WhatsApp banking registration by giving missed calls.
  • Or add your bank’s WhatsApp banking number to the contacts list.
    1. Send a text message like ‘Hi‘ to the bank on WhatsApp Chat.
    2. In Seconds, the bank will reply with ‘Menu‘ options for various inquiries.
    3. Select and give responsible input as a reply for ‘Balance Check‘.
    4. Instantly the bank servers verify the available funds of the account and give a reply with a balance statement.


  • Customers of the bank who have subscribed to the service can only access the service.
  • Subscription is possible by giving a missed call to the bank or by following the joining link.
  • Follow all precautions for safe banking to secure your bank account.
  • Add a passcode or PIN number to save your mobile phone, it prevents others.
  • For any support, contact the bank’s customer care helpline number.

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