How to Close or Break FD in HDFC Bank

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Customers of HDFC Bank can close, cancel, or break their fixed deposits online and offline; both methods have been introduced by HDFC Bank. Who is interested or who needs to close their FD After maturity or Pre-Mature with generated interest returns easily by the following simple methods.

Fixed Deposits are Classified into two Categories.

  1. After Mature.
  2. Pre-Mature.

Here are the ways or methods to close or Break an FD in HDFC Bank.

  1. Through HDFC Bank internet banking.
  2. By visiting the Nearby HDFC Bank Branch.

How to Break an FD by Visiting HDFC Bank Branch (Pre-mature)

  1. Visit a bank branch and get documentation for a Pre-mature withdrawal.
  2. Complete the form by providing relevant information such as your name, bank account information, and FD number.
  3. Submit the form you have filled out to the bank for processing.
  4. After the FD is terminated, the money is transferred to your savings account.
  • Submit the Bond of Fixed Deposit original document to the bank to process the closure request from the bank.

Closing an HDFC FD Account on Maturity

  • On maturity, you may end your HDFC FD account by visiting the bank where you started it.
  • To begin the closure procedure, you must submit your completely discharged fixed deposit original document (FD Bond) maturity.
  • If the maturity date occurs on a weekend or a bank holiday, the deposit will be paid the next business day.
  • The deposit will be credited immediately to the bank account of the first depositor through RTGS/NEFT or by an account payee cheque issued to the first depositor.

Close your FD through HDFC Net Banking

  1. Login to HDFC Bank Online Account at
  2. Proceed with the “Fixed Deposit” option from On the dashboard menu options.
  3. Select the FD Account that you want to cancel from the drop-down list.
  4. Confirm the information supplied and click “Submit“.
  5. Your savings account will be credited with the amount of the FD.
  • Your FD Account closure request is approved, and funds will be deposited into your savings account.

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