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Linking your PAN (Permanent Account Number) card with your Aadhaar card is a crucial step mandated by the Government of India. The PAN card is a unique ten-digit alphanumeric identifier issued by the Income Tax Department, while the Aadhaar card is a biometric identification card issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

Linking these two cards serves multiple purposes and has become essential for India’s financial and taxation activities. In this article, we will learn all possible linking methods for PAN and Aadhar.

How to Check PAN-Aadhar Link Status

Before start linking Aadhaar with your PAN Number you must verify the current status of the link. To find out the status of your PAN-Aadhaar link, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department
  2. On the homepage, locate and click on the ‘Link Aadhaar Status’ option.
  3. Enter your PAN number and Aadhaar number in the provided fields.
  4. Click on the ‘View Link Aadhaar Status’ button.
  5. If your PAN and Aadhaar are not linked, a message will appear indicating that they are not linked.

How to Link PAN Card with Aadhaar Card

Submitting Online or Offline Link Requests for PAN and Aadhar, Follow these procedures for linking your PAN card to your Aadhaar card:

Online Method:

  1. Visit the official e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department at
  2. Find and click on the “Link Aadhaar” option in the “Quick Links” section on the homepage.
  3. Enter your PAN number, Aadhaar number, and name as shown on your Aadhaar card.
  4. Double-check the details you entered to ensure they match your PAN and Aadhaar card information.
  5. If your Aadhaar card only mentions the year of birth and you are below 25 years old, select the option “I have only year of birth in Aadhaar card” and tick the box.
  6. Click on the “Link Aadhaar” button.
  7. If the information matches with the Aadhaar database, your PAN card will be successfully linked with your Aadhaar card.

Offline Method:

Here are the steps to link your Aadhar without logging into your account:

  1. Go to the official website of the Income Tax e-filing portal
  2. Please locate the “Link Aadhaar” option and click on it.
  3. Enter your PAN and Aadhar numbers.
  4. If your PAN is already linked to another Aadhar, a message will appear informing you about it.

After validating your PAN and Aadhar, there are three main scenarios, which are explained below as points a,b,c:

If your payment details are verified on the e-portal after making payment on the NSDL portal:

  1. A pop-up message will appear saying, “Your payment details are verified.”
  2. Click on “Continue” and submit the link request.
  3. Enter the required details as mentioned.
  4. Click on “Link Aadhar.”
  5. Validate the 6-digit OTP received on your registered mobile number.
  6. A message will be displayed indicating that you can check the link status of your PAN and Aadhar.

If your payment is not verified on the e-portal:

  1. If you receive a pop-up message on the e-portal saying, “Payment details not found,” you need to complete the payment procedure on the NSDL portal.
  2. Visit the NSDL portal and make the required payment to link your PAN and Aadhaar.
  3. Once the payment is successfully made on the NSDL portal, wait for 4 to 5 working days.
  4. After waiting, you can submit the PAN-Aadhaar link request on the e-portal.
  5. Follow the instructions provided on the e-portal to enter the necessary details and submit the link request.
  6. You may be required to validate the 6-digit OTP (One-Time Password) sent to your registered mobile number during the link request process.
  7. After completing these steps, your PAN and Aadhaar will be linked, and you will receive a confirmation message indicating the status of the link.

Under this Scenario:

In this scenario, a notification will appear stating, “The payment for this PAN has already been utilized for Aadhaar-PAN linking. Please submit the PAN-Aadhaar link request after a duration of 4-5 working days from the fee payment on the NSDL portal.”

PAN With Aadhaar Linking via SMS:

From your registered mobile number, compose a message in the following format: UIDPAN  Your 12-digit Aadhaar number, Your 10-digit PAN card number. Please send this message to either 567678 or 56161. After the message is sent, the Income Tax Department will validate the information, and if everything matches, your PAN card will be linked with your Aadhaar card.

Fee payment on the NSDL portal under Major head (0021) and Minor head (500) for AY 2024-24

  1. Visit the NSDL portal or the official website of the Income Tax department:
  2. Look for the section related to fee payments.
  3. Select the option for “Major head (0021)” and then choose “Minor head (500)“.
  4. Provide the necessary information, such as your PAN (Permanent Account Number) and the Assessment Year (AY) as 2024-24.
  5. Choose your preferred payment method, such as debit card, credit card, net banking, or authorized banks like HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, PNB, Bank of India, SBI, and others.
  6. To finish the payment procedure, follow the steps. After successful payment, make sure to keep a record of the transaction for future reference.

The process to Link PAN Card with Aadhaar with Penalty

  1. Visit the website
  2. Under the ‘Quick Links‘ section, locate the ‘Link Aadhaar‘ option and click on it.
  3. On the next page, enter your name, mobile number, Aadhaar number, and PAN to proceed.
  4. Verify the information you provided by selecting the ‘I validate my Aadhaar Details‘ option.
  5. Click on the ‘Continue‘ button. A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  6. Once you have paid the penalty, the PAN and Aadhaar linking process will be considered complete.

Linking Your PAN Card to Your Aadhaar Card Is Important

Linking your PAN card with your Aadhaar card holds several important benefits. It is necessary for the following reasons:

Income Tax Compliance: Linking a PAN card with an Aadhaar card is crucial for income tax compliance. It helps the government track financial transactions and identify individuals who may be evading taxes. It enables the income tax department to establish a direct link between your PAN and Aadhaar, ensuring transparency and reducing tax fraud.

Avoiding Invalid PAN: If your PAN card is not linked to Aadhaar, it may become invalid. The government has made it mandatory to link your PAN with Aadhaar to maintain the active status of your PAN card. Failing to link them can result in your PAN card being rendered invalid, causing difficulties in financial transactions and official processes.

Easier Income Tax Filing: Linking PAN with Aadhaar simplifies the income tax filing process. It allows for the pre-filling of certain details such as name, date of birth, and address during online tax filing. This helps in reducing errors and streamlining the filing process.

PAN Aadhar Link by Completing the Form

To link your PAN with your Aadhaar card manually, you can go to the office of Protean e-Gov Technologies Limited, which is the PAN Service Provider. There, you need to fill out a form that will allow you to link your PAN with your Aadhaar card. Remember to bring all the required documents and submit them along with the form to ensure that the process is completed successfully.

How to Make Corrections to Aadhaar Card for PAN-Aadhar Linking

Visit the official website of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) at Find the section on the website called “Aadhaar Services” or “Aadhaar Update” and click on it. You will be directed to a new page where you will find various options for updating your Aadhaar details. Choose the appropriate option for correction or update.

Fill in the required information accurately, including your Aadhaar number, PAN card details, and the corrections you want to make. Attach the supporting documents that validate the changes you are requesting. For example, if you need to correct your name, you may need to submit a photocopy of your passport, driving license, or any other valid identification document.

Make sure to carefully review all the information you have given to ensure that it is correct and accurate. Once you have completed the form and attached the necessary documents, submit the application electronically on the UIDAI website. After submission, you will receive an acknowledgement slip or URN (Update Request Number) for future reference.

Keep this number safe to track the status of your correction request. The UIDAI will verify the details and process your correction request. Once the corrections are approved and updated in your Aadhaar card, you can proceed with linking your PAN card to your Aadhaar card using the corrected details.

How to Link Aadhaar Card and PAN Card if Names Don’t Match

It’s important to have the same name on both your Aadhaar Card and PAN Card. If there is a name mismatch, you can follow these steps to link them:

Complete Name Mismatch:

If the name on your Aadhaar Card is completely different from the name on your PAN Card, you need to update either your PAN or Aadhaar database to match the names.

Partial Name Mismatch:

If there is a minor difference in your name on the Aadhaar Card and PAN Card, you can resolve it this way:

  • If the mismatch is minor, you’ll receive a One Time Password (OTP) on the mobile number registered with Aadhaar.
  • Use the OTP to verify when linking your Aadhaar and PAN Card.
  • Make sure your date of birth and gender details are the same on both cards.

Correct and update the PAN-Aadhaar linking information with Aadhar, which is launched by the Income Tax Department.

The Income Tax Department has introduced a correction facility to link PAN with Aadhaar. This facility allows individuals to rectify any errors or discrepancies in the process of linking their PAN Card and Aadhaar Card.

The Finance Minister has proposed that would allow individuals to file taxes using their Aadhaar cards instead of PAN cards.

The Finance Minister has put forward a proposal to permit the use of Aadhaar Card for filing taxes, making it possible to file taxes without a compulsory requirement of a PAN Card. This proposal suggests that individuals will have the option to use their Aadhaar Card as an alternative identification document for tax filing purposes.

PAN and Aadhaar New Rules That You Need to Know

There are new rules regarding PAN (Permanent Account Number) and Aadhaar that you should be aware of. Here are the key points:

  • It is now mandatory to link your PAN Card with your Aadhaar Card. If you fail to do so, your PAN card could be invalidated.
  • When applying for a new PAN Card, you can now use your Aadhaar Card as the sole proof of identity, address, and date of birth.
  • In certain cases, if you provide your Aadhaar Card details when conducting specified financial transactions, you may not be required to provide your PAN Card.
  • You have the option to voluntarily use your Aadhaar Card for identity verification and other financial transactions if you wish to do so.
  • The Income Tax Department can now use Aadhaar authentication for verifying PAN Card details, which simplifies the verification process.

What will happen to PAN cards that have not been connected to Aadhaar?

If PAN Cards are not linked with Aadhaar within the specified deadline or timeline set by the authorities, certain consequences may arise. Here’s what may happen if your PAN Card is not linked to Aadhaar:

  • The Income Tax Department has the authority to declare PAN Cards that are not linked with Aadhaar as invalid. This means that the PAN Card will no longer be considered valid for financial transactions and tax-related purposes.
  • If your PAN Card is invalid due to non-linking with Aadhaar, it may affect various financial transactions such as opening bank accounts, conducting high-value transactions, purchasing or selling properties, investing in financial instruments, and filing income tax returns.
  • Non-linking of PAN with Aadhaar can lead to compliance issues with regard to filing income tax returns. You may face penalties, fines, or other consequences for non-compliance with the rules and regulations.
  • PAN Cards not linked with Aadhaar may create difficulties in accessing government services and schemes that require PAN Card verification.

Learn more about the process of linking your PAN card with Aadhaar.

Linking your PAN Card with Aadhaar is a straightforward process that helps streamline identification and prevent fraudulent activities. Here’s some more information about linking PAN Card with Aadhaar:

Online Linking: The Income Tax Department has provided an online facility to link PAN with Aadhaar through the official e-filing portal Visit the portal, click on the “Link Aadhaar” option, and follow the instructions to complete the process.

SMS-based Linking: You can also link your PAN Card with your Aadhaar by sending an SMS to a designated number from your registered mobile number. To link your PAN card with Aadhaar via SMS, follow the UIDPAN format.

Linking through PAN Service Centers: If you prefer the offline method, visit a PAN service center authorized by NSDL or UTITSL. Submit a form with the necessary details and attach copies of your PAN and Aadhaar cards. The representative will assist you in completing the process.

Aadhaar-PAN Linking Deadline: The government has set deadlines for linking PAN with Aadhaar. It is important to adhere to these deadlines to avoid penalties or invalidation of PAN.

Benefits of Linking: Linking PAN with Aadhaar offers several benefits. It simplifies the income tax filing process, enables faster processing of tax returns, eliminates the need to submit physical documents, and reduces the chances of identity theft and tax evasion.

Importance for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs): NRIs are exempt from linking PAN with Aadhaar unless they are filing income tax returns in India. However, they must provide their Aadhaar or Aadhaar Enrollment Number for specified transactions.

Why must a PAN card be linked to an Aadhaar card?

Linking PAN Numbers with an Aadhaar Card is mandatory as per the Income Tax Act to prevent tax evasion, ensure accurate identification, and eliminate duplicate PAN cards.

When is the deadline for linking a PAN card to an Aadhaar card?

The government sets the deadline for linking a PAN Card with an Aadhaar Card, which may vary. Checking the latest updates and adhering to the specified deadline is important.

Is it possible to link a PAN Card with an Aadhaar Card offline

Yes, you can visit a PAN service centre authorized by NSDL or UTITSL to link your PAN Card with your Aadhaar Card offline. Fill out the required form and submit the necessary documents.

What documents are required for linking a PAN Card with an Aadhaar Card

To link your PAN Card with your Aadhaar Card, you generally need your PAN Card, your Aadhaar Card, and a self-attested copy of both documents.


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