How to Unblock IDBI Debit Card, IDBI ATM Card Unlock Online & Offline

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Unblock IDBI Debit Card through Go Mobile +, Net Banking, Customer Care and Net Banking at…

IDBI Bank is one of India’s largest financial institutions and offers clients and account holders an integrated set of resources and facilities. The ATM and debit card features are also highly advantageous for transactions and money withdrawals from ATMs for account holders. Almost every bank account customer makes use of these services.

Unblock IDBI Debit Card

IDBI Bank customers who face ATM card blocking for any reason can unblock their ATM cards to access regular transactions. Below, we guide you through unblocking or reactivating your debit card.

Way to Unblock IDBI ATM Debit Card

  1. Customer Care.
  2. IDBI Go Mobile + App.
  3. Internet Banking.
  4. Contacting the helpdesk on the Branch.

Unblock the IDBI Debit Card through customer care.

  • The bank’s Customer Care Support will provide complete service to reactivate the ATM card in case it is blocked for any reason.
  • Call IDBI’s Toll-free Customer service Numbers, 18002094324 or 1800221070, from your RMN (Registered mobile number/Linked phone number of the account).
  • You may also utilize a debit card unblock phone number- +912267719100 as an alternative.
  1. Wait for the call to connect before going to the IVRS menu and selecting ‘Banking Accounts.’
  2. Enter your Debit Card Number and ATM PIN correctly. Alternatively, you can use your Customer ID and TPIN.
  3. Select “Unlock your Debit Card.” Once your information has been validated, the card will be unblocked within one working day.

How to Unlock IDBI ATM Card through Internet Banking

IDBI Bank provides e-banking services through Internet banking. Customers who have locked/blocked their ATM Cards can unblock/unlock them through net banking by following simple steps.

  1. Login into IDBI e-Banking.
    • Visit the Internet Banking portal at, and log in using your User ID & password.
  2. Go to the Debit Card section.
    • Follow the menu options on the dashboard, and choose ATM/Debit Card services.
  3. Select the Card & Unblock.
    • Once reached into the debit card section, select the ATM card & select “Block/Unblock“to verify the OTP to unlock (once selected, the option the OTP received through SMS).

After that, input your “Debit Card Number” that you wish to be unblocked. Finally, submit your request by clicking the ‘Send’ option. Your card will be unlocked within two business days after you make the request.

How to Unlock IDBI Bank ATM Debit Card through Go Mobile + App

  1. Open the IDBI Go Mobile + App, Log in through MPIN, and go to Dashboard.
  2. Select the “Debit Card” section, and choose the ATM card number under the block.
  3. Select “Unblock” and verify with OTP, and then a service request will be registered.

Once the service request is processed, you will get an SMS confirmation for the re-activation of the ATM. According to the information, unlocking the debit card will take 24 working hours.

How do I unlock the IDBI Bank ATM card through the branch?

  1. Visit the nearest branch and go to the helpdesk officer.
  2. Request for ATM Card Unblock along with verification of customer ID.
  3. They will process a service request to unblock, and you will get an SMS confirmation.

The debit card will unlock within 24 banking hours, and you will get an SMS with the reactivation information.


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