ICICI Cooling Period, ICICI Beneficiary Activation Cooling Period & Time

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ICICI Cooling Period for Beneficiary Activation and Waiting Time for UPI, NEFT, RGTS, Cardless Transactions by iMbile App, and Net Banking at https://icicibank.com…

ICICI Bank helps people transfer money using Internet banking and the ICICI Bank Mobile App. Before sending money with an IMPS, NEFT, or RTGS transfer, you must first add a beneficiary to the transaction, but activation may take some time. There is a cooling-off period during which you may transfer specific money.

ICICI Bank Cooling Period

ICICI Bank provides money transfers by UPI, IMPS, NEFT, or RTGS, Once you have added a beneficiary activating may take some time, that’s called the Cooling Period. Fund transfers are allowed after completing the cooling period.

At that time, the customer will see a message like the one below.

dear customer, a cooling period limit of rs. 5,000 is applicable for the first 24 hours. a upi pin is used for payments. money gets deducted if the upi pin is used. never share upi pin, cvv & otp with anyone-icici bank.

ICICI Beneficiary Activation Time

After adding the beneficiary using ICICI Net banking or the iMobile App, it must be enabled. Beneficiary activation takes 30 minutes at ICICI Bank, and another rule for adding beneficiaries is up to 10 per day.

ICICI Cooling Period

Please Note that ICICI Bank has No Cooling Period. You may transfer any amount within the transferring method limits after 30 minutes of a beneficiary activation.

  • NEFT transfers are limited to Rs.10 lakhs.
  • IMPS up to 2 lakhs.
  • RTGS 2 lakhs and above.

ICICI Bank Cooling Period for UPI Transactions

UPI transactions have a limit. ICICI Bank allows 1 lakh transfers and 10 transactions per day.

For more information, please read the page or contact the nearest branch or customer care helpline number 1860 120 7777


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