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The Indian Coast Guard Salary Slip is a document that details the financial aspects of a person’s service in the Indian Coast Guard. Get most of your hard-earned Coast Guard salary by using it to manage your finances, make plans, and keep track of your spending. Rank-wise pay scales for Navik, GD, Yantrik, and more. Beyond the paycheck, you will find adventure, service, and financial stability.

The Indian Coast Guard offers a career filled with honour, purpose, adventure, a competitive salary structure, and a comprehensive benefits package. The monthly salary statement for members of the Indian Coast Guard, known as the Indian Coast Guard Salary Slip, is a document that outlines their earnings for the month. This statement offers a detailed breakdown of all aspects contributing to their total salary, including any deductions and taxes.

Indian Coast Guard

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) is India’s maritime law enforcement agency. It was established on February 1, 1977, by the Ministry of Defence. The ICG’s primary responsibility is keeping the seas surrounding India safe.

The Indian Maritime Zones are divided into five Coast Guard Regions for efficient command and control: North-West, West, East, North-East, and Andaman & Nicobar. These regions could be involved in ensuring a clean sea, stopping illegal activity, or assisting a ship in need. 

The Director General is the head of the Coast Guard, whose headquarters is in New Delhi, India. Life onboard a Coast Guard ship is engaging, adventurous, and challenging.

How to Get Indian Coast Guard Pay Slip 2024

Two ways to check your Indian Coast Guard Pay Slip:


  1. Go to the HIIMIS portal: 
  2. Click on ‘Pay Slip’ and log in with your username and password.  
  3. After logging in, put in your user ID and password.
  4. Look for “View Pay Slip” or “Download Pay Slip.” Click it
  5. Choose the month you want to see on your pay slip.
  6. You might download or print your pay slip. Choose what you like.
  7. Look at your pay slip to make sure everything is right. It shows your pay, allowances, deductions, and the total amount.


  1. Visit your unit’s HQ with your ID card.
  2. Find the Accounts or Pay office (ask anyone if you are lost).
  3. Tell them you want your payslip for (month, year).
  4. They’ll either print it or confirm your salary details.

Benefits of working with the Indian Coast Guard

Working with the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) can offer a range of personal and professional benefits. Here are some potential advantages:

  • Help your country:  Save lives, Be a sea hero, and keep India’s coastline safe.
  • Lots of different jobs: Choose from fixing boats to saving lives. 
  • Learn new skills: Get trained in cool stuff like seamanship and rescue. 
  • Travel and adventure: Explore ports, islands, and maybe even the world. 
  • Strong friendships: Form a strong team by bonding over shared experiences and supporting each other.
  • Good pay and benefits: Earn a good salary, get a free house, and retire happy.

Deductions from Indian Coast Guard Salary

Deductions from an Indian Coast Guard salary can vary based on several factors, including the individual’s rank, responsibilities, and specific circumstances. However, common deductions from the salary of military and paramilitary personnel typically include:

  • Income Tax
  • Provident Fund (PF)
  • Professional Tax
  • Group Insurance Premium
  • NPS (National Pension System) Contributions
  • Loan Repayments

Allowances provided to Indian Coast Guard employees

The Indian Coast Guard provides various allowances to its personnel on top of their basic salary. Here are some key allowances:

  • Cost of Living Allowances (COLA): These allowances vary depending on the location and rank of the personnel. It is typically determined as a percentage of base pay.
  • Hardship Allowances: If you’re posted in remote or challenging locations, you’ll receive additional hardship allowances to compensate for your difficulties.
  • Transport Allowances: Commuting within a city or to different duty stations is covered by transport allowances. They can include reimbursements for public transportation, fuel, or mileage for personal vehicles.
  • Risk Allowances: Personnel involved in high-risk operations like search and rescue missions, diving, or explosives handling receive risk allowances for the inherent danger associated with their work.
  • Outfit Allowances: Outfit allowances may provide some coverage for the clothing and equipment required for duties. This can include uniforms, diving gear, medical kits, or specialized tools.
  • Sea Duty Allowance: People who are deployed at sea for periods of time receive an allowance for sea duty as a way to acknowledge the distinct difficulties and requirements of living onboard.
  • Other Allowances: In circumstances there may be allowances available such as grants for education costs for children, home upkeep expenses or assistance with relocation.

What is an Indian Coast Guard Salary Slip?

A person’s earnings, allowances, and deductions for a given period are listed in detail on their Indian Coast Guard salary slip.

When do I get my Indian Coast Guard pay slip?

Pay slips are usually available online or at your unit office about a month after your salary is credited. For example, you will see your January slip in February.

How is the Indian Coast Guard’s Basic Salary determined?

The Basic Salary is a fixed amount and is determined based on the individual’s rank, experience, and other factors.

Are bonuses included in every Indian Coast Guard Salary Slip?

Bonuses are typically performance-based or provided under specific circumstances. They may not appear in every Salary Slip.


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