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IOB ATM Block Number Introduced to Stop Indian Overseas Bank Debit Card Services Online & Offline. Indian Overseas Bank Debit Card Hotlisting is available by Toll-Free Numbers, IOBMOBILE and Net Banking at…

Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) is one of India’s main public sector banks. If you have an account with an approved debit card and have misplaced or stolen the card or card information, you must block/stop services immediately by hotlisting to avoid any misuse for safety reasons. By calling the Indian Overseas Bank’s 24-hour toll-free support number, you can block your ATM Card instantly.

IOB ATM Card Block

The listed Online & offline methods are useful to STOP/BLOCK transactions from the misplaced debit card by self-banking or requesting to the bank.

  • Calling to IOB ATM Card Block Number from the RMN.
  • Requesting through Customer Care Helpline Toll-Free Number.
  • Using the IOBMOBILE APP.
  • Net Banking Facility.
  • Reporting at any Indian Oversys Bank Channel.
  • Emailing the Bank Helpdesk.

IOB ATM Block Number

How to Block Indian Overseas Bank ATMs by Toll-Free Numbers

  1. From your registered mobile number (RMN) of the account, call 18004254445.
  2. Follow the IVR instructions and dial the correct input number to block the ATM card.
  3. The executive will want specific account and account holder information from you.
  4. The executive can also ask for the card number and additional account information.
  5. Once verified the details, the card will be blocked immediately.
  6. You will receive a confirmation message on your mobile number as requested.

How to Block Indian Overseas Bank ATM Card by Net Banking

  1. Log in to the Internet banking account with your Login ID (username) and password at
  2. On the Account Dashboard, Select ‘IOB Card’ option from the IOB Debit Cards Section.
  3. Select the ‘Suspend Debit Card‘ option.
  4. You will get a list of all the debit cards linked to your account.
  5. Choose the card and press the ‘Block‘ button.
  6. Verify the transaction with OTP Confirmation.
  7. The bank will send you a confirmation SMS to your registered mobile number.

How to Hotlisting Indian Overseas Bank ATM by Mobile Banking

  1. Log in to the IOBMOBILE app using Biometrics or MPIN.
  2. In the Dashboard Section, Select the Debit Card option.
  3. Identify the ATM ‘Card Blocking‘ option under ‘Banking Services‘ and deactivate the card.
  4. A reissue of an IOB ATM or Debit Card that has been lost, stolen, or damaged will cost Rs.100.

Block Indian Overseas Bank ATM Card by Branch

  1. Go to your local Indian Overseas Bank branch nearby.
  2. Always carry identity proof along with complete information about the account with you.
  3. Contact the bank helpdesk officer and inform them you want to block your card.
  4. Submit the details of your ATM card linked to the account.
  5. Show the bank authorities your identification proof document.
  6. The authorities will help you immediately block the card.

Indian Overseas Bank ATM Block by E-mail

  1. You must email a hotlisting request to from your registered email address.
  2. In the email, you must provide the account holder’s information and the card number.
  3. You will receive an email confirming the successful blocking of the ATM Card.

For more and complete information please visit the bank’s official website or contact customer care helpline support from the registered mobile number of the account.


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