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IOB Cheque Book Request through ATM Center, Customer Care, IOB Mobile App, Net Banking at…

A cheque may be used to withdraw money from a bank account to make different payments. Banks supply chequebooks for this. Indian Overseas Bank lets you choose between online and offline ways to order a chequebook. The applicant may choose from one of more ways to get a chequebook from Indian Overseas Bank based on their needs.

IOB Chequebook Request

The option to get a Chequebook from Indian Overseas Bank is usually available when your Account Opens. However, creating a bank account may not need a chequebook. We may subsequently obtain a Chequebook from Indian Overseas Bank if necessary. IOB Bank, you may have a variety of reasons for requesting a Chequebook.

Customers of the Indian Overseas Bank may obtain their bank account chequebook from the comfort of their homes. Many online banking options are available via the bank’s mobile app or website. Here, we’ll show you how to order a chequebook from Indian Overseas Bank using the online and offline options from home.

How to Request IOB Chequebook through Mobile App

Those who have already registered for the IOB mobile banking facility can follow the guide to order chequebooks.

  1. Open the IOB Mobile Banking App and Log in using MPIN or Biomatrics.
  2. Go to the “Cheque Services” option from the account dashboard.
  3. Select the “Order a Cheque Book, option, proceed to “Continue”, then select the account number from the drop-down menu.
  4. To confirm the chequebook request, enter your MPIN from the app you created earlier and click “Submit.”
    • As a result, you’ll have to pay for the chequebook using your account balance.
    • You’ve completed your request for an IOB chequebook. It will arrive at your bank account registered address in a couple of days.

IOB Cheque Book Request through Net Banking

A replacement of the chequebook may also be requested through online banking at Indian Overseas Bank, which is convenient for consumers.

  1. Go to the IOB Internet Banking Portal at
  2. Log in using your username and password to reach the account dashboard.
  3. Select the “Cheque Book” option, choose “Order New Cheque Book”, and Submit.

That’s it. The new chequebook request is successfully submitted.

How to Request IOB Chequebook by Customer Care

If you want to get a chequebook from Indian Overseas Bank by calling Customer Care, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Contact customer support by calling to the Toll-Free Number 1800 425 4445.
  2. Follow the IVRS menu options and select “Order New Cheque Book“.
  3. Or connect with the phone banking officer and ask them to make a chequebook request.
  4. The customer care executive verifies your personal and account details and processes the request by a customer care executive, which is sent to your registered Indian Overseas Bank account holder address within 1-3 weeks after it has been confirmed.

That’s it, you will receive your chequebook within one to three weeks by post or courier as per the registered address in your account.

How to Request IOB Chequebook by visiting the Bank Branch

Customers of Indian Overseas Bank can obtain a chequebook from their branch, as detailed below.

  1. Go to your Indian Overseas Bank branch home branch.
  2. Request a Cheque from the helpdesk officer.
  3. Accounts Executive will give a form to request a chequebook. Just take your time filling out the form and do the signature where necessary.
  4. Submit the completed form to the Accounting Manager.
  5. Your Cheque is to arrive at your registered mailing address.

Request for an IOB chequebook by ATM

  1. Visit nearby any IOB ATM Center.
  2. Inset your debit card and verify it with your PIN.
  3. Select the “Service Request” option from the display.
  4. Proceed with “Cheque Book Request“, and Select Size of Leafs.
  5. Submit the request by verifying with OTP.

The Cheque Bookrequest will be processed by the ATM and sent to your registered address shortly.


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