Kotak ATM Block Number, How to Block Kotak Debit Card Instantly

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Kotak ATM Block Number was introduced to Block Kotak Mahendra Bank Debit Card instantly. Block Kotak Bank ATM by visiting the branch, sending an email, calling customer care, using the Kotak 811 app, and using the net banking facility at https://kotak.com…

Kotak Mahendra Bank introduced Debit Card Block methods for online and offline users to block or unblock their ATM card incase of any emergency like loss/forgotten. Customer of the bank who needs to block their debit card can do it instantly by the listed methods.

Block Kotak Bank ATM Card

  1. Calling the Customer Care number.
  2. Sending an Email.
  3. Mobile Banking through the Kotal 811 App.
  4. Internet Banking Facility.

How to Block Kotak Bank Debit Card through Kotak 811 App

The mobile Banking facility is beneficial for managing debit card services online. The Kotak 811 app provides the facility to Block or Unblock ATM Card services to Stop at Marchent outlets, Online, ATM Centers, Tap on Pay and other relevant card services.

Follow the simple steps to Block Kotak Bank ATM cards through the Mobile Banking App of Kotak 811.

  1. Open the Kotak Bank Mobile Banking 811 app and log in by User ID & MPIN/Biometrics.
  2. On the account dashboard, select the “Debit Card” widget.
  3. Next, select “Report Card Loss” and Choose status “Stolen/Lost“.
  4. If you need a new card, choose Replacement necessary.
  5. Your Kotak bank debit card was blocked immediately.

A Replacement will card be sent to the registered address. You can receive it based on the delivery location within 3 to 7 days.

How to do Kotak Bank Debit Card Block by Net Banking

You can also report to Block Kotak Debit Card through the internet banking portal when you have lost/Stolen. The guide below helps block Kotal ATM cards through https://kotak.com.

  1. Log in to Kotak’s Internet Banking by User ID & Passcode at https://kotak.com.
  2. Go to the dashboard, click on “Debit Card,” and then click on the button that says “Deactivate/Activate” Card.
  3. Select your debit card, choose “Report Lost Card/Permanent Block“, and click the “Submit” button to finish.
    • A Block can be permanently chosen if you lose your card or don’t want to use the card anymore.
    • After you block your old debit card, you can get another one. You can apply for a new card online.

How to Block Kotak Bank Debit Card Online

It’s n another way to block online without logging into your netbanking or mobile banking account. Just follow the steps to report a lost or stolen card to the Kotak Mahendra Bank at https://kotak.com.

  1. Visit the official website of Kotak Mahendra at https://kotak.com.
  2. Select the link “Report a lost or stolen card” from the menu options.
  3. Enter the registered phone number and date of birth of the account holder.
  4. OR Enter the CRN (Customer Relationship Number), then proceed with “Send OTP“.
  5. Verify the OTP received to the registered mobile phone number, where you saw the “Successfully Reported” message on the screen.

The ATM/Debit card is blocked instantly, and your bank sends the information through SMS to the RMN.

How to Block Kotak Bank Debit Card by Calling Customer Care

If you want to secure your Kotak Mahindra ATM card, you can call the Toll-Free customer service number at 1860-266-2666. Call the number to connect to the support agent by following IVRS instructions. After that, you can ask for your ATM card to block immediately.

The phone banking officer will ask for your account and card information and block the transaction immediately. Then, you can request a replacement card, which the bank will send in a few days to process.

Kotak Bank ATM Block Number is: 1860-266-2666

How to Blocking Kotak Bank ATM Card by Writing an E-mail

The Kotak Mahindra ATM Card services may be unblocked in various ways, including emailing the bank’s email address with your explanation and card information. Finally, you’ll be notified of the steps and how long it will take to remove the card’s blockage. service.bank@kotak.com is the email address of the bank

How to Block Kotak Bank ATM/Debit Card by visiting the Nearest Branch

If the above two options don’t work for you, to unlock your ATM card, you may go to the local Kotak Mahindra bank nearby and ask for an ATM card block. The helpdesk officer of the branch will access your request to block and issue replacement new cards.


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