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PAN Stands for Permanent Account Number. A PAN card is required for each Indian citizen as proof of identification and, more importantly, for all tax reasons. It is a one-of-a-kind identifying number given to an Indian taxpayer.

The Income Tax Department of India has made PAN card applications easier. The Income Tax Department has primarily appointed Protean e-Gov Technologies Limited (NSDL) to handle online PAN card applications. In this, the IT Department has selected UTI Infrastructure and Services Limited (UTIISL) to handle PAN card applications.

PAN Card Form

These services are provided through PAN Card Application forms, such as 49A & 49AA, for new applicants for Citizens of India, NRI/Foreigners who already have PAN, and those who need to apply for corrections can download and submit using the given steps.

How to Fill PAN Card Form for New Registrations

  1. PAN Card Form 49A has many fields of sections and multiple sub-sections. You can fill out the new registration form step by step, as explained here.
  2. Assessing Officer Code: The AO Code, as well as the Area Code, Range Code, AO Type, and AO Number, must be filled out for the PAN Card application.
  3. Full Name: You must provide your full name. When filling out your name, avoid using nicknames.
    • Abbreviations of the full name, as you like, are to be printed on the PAN card.
    • If you want to include the abbreviations of your full name on your PAN Card.
    • Remember that only the first and middle names can be modified, not the last name.
  4. Other Name: In this step, the applicant must indicate if they have been identified by a name other than the one given.
    • If they have another name, the applicant must provide information such as their old name’s first, last, and surname.
  5. Gender (for individual applicants only): The applicant must indicate their gender identity.
  6. Date of Birth: Individual applicants must fill in the format DDMMYYYY for their date of birth, and organizations must include the date of their partnership/incorporation/Agreement or Standard form.
  7. Information about Parents:  The applicant must include their father’s first, last, and surname. These only apply to single applicants, even married women.
    • Check the box if you have a single mother and want to apply for a PAN card using only her name.
    • The father’s name (mandatory except where the mother is a single parent).
    • Mother’s name (optional).
    • If you enter both your father’s and mother’s names and leave no options selected, your father’s name will be printed on the PAN card by default.
  8. Address: The PAN card form requires you to fill out this column with your home and office addresses, including complete details such as the name of the village, area, city, state, district, PIN Code, and so on.
  9. Address for Communication: The applicant must select between workplace and home addresses for contact.
  10. Email ID and Telephone Number: The applicant must provide an email address and phone number so that the PAN administration can contact you and notify you about your PAN Card application by SMS or email or if there are any problems with your application form.
    • Check that the phone number represents the ISD and the STD code.
  11. Status of Applicant: The applicant must fill in the required checkboxes
    • Individual, Hindu Undivided Family, Company, Partnership Firm, Trusts, Body of Individuals, Local Authority, Government, Association of Persons, Artificial Judicial Persons, Limited Liability Partnerships.
  12. Registration Number: Businesses, organizations, and LLPs asking for a PAN Card must fill out the registration number box, which does not apply to individuals or HUFs.
  13. Aadhaar number: PAN Card should be linked to an Aadhaar Card. If applicants have an Aadhaar Card, must give their Aadhaar number, otherwise the Enrolled ID from the Aadhaar application form.
  14. Source of Income: In PAN card form 49A, you must specify your source of income from the following options:
    • Salary/Income from Business or Profession/Income from House Property/Capital Gains/Income from Other Sources/No Income.
    • If you select Income from Business or Profession as your source of income, make sure to use the Business or Profession Code.
  15. Representative Assessee (RA): Fill in the name and address of the Representative or Agent (person) who is due to be charged under Section 160 of the Income Tax Act of 1961.
    • This field can only be filled out by a representative or agent, such as a manager or guardian of a child, a non-agent, and residents.
  16. Documents Required: You must provide the documents that you submit, such as proof of address (POA), proof of identity (POI), and proof of date of birth with PAN card form, in this section.

    The Listed Documents are Required for the PAN New Application:

    • Aadhaar card.
    • Driving License.
    • Passport.
    • Election card.
    • Pensioner card with photo.
    • Ration card with photo.
    • The certificate of identity is originally signed by either Gazette Officer.
    • Photo identity card issued by the State or Central Government.

    Important Points When Filling Out PAN Card Form 49A

    1. Fill out the application in BLOCK LETTERS, preferably in black ink.
    2. Choose an acceptable name and avoid using initials in the first and last name.
    3. Insert the photos in the appropriate spaces given.
    4. Fill in the name, address, and DOB data as specified in the proof you are submitting.
    5. Check the list of documents approved as proof to avoid rejection or delay in your PAN Card application.
    6. The applicant must verify that every document is in his or her name.

    Download PAN CARD Form 49A

    Download PAN Card Correction Form Pdf

    • PAN CARD Correction Form Pdf – Download
    • Online Correction for Change Request – Here

    For Indian Citizens/NRI & Foreigners


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