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The Rajasthan Government provides an online service called ‘PayManager’, in which government employees may get payroll and salary information. Also, there is a website called ‘PRI Manager’ that is particularly for personnel in the state’s Panchayat. The name ‘PRI PayManager’ is another form of the name ‘paymanager’.

The ‘PRI Paymanager‘ website provides pay and allowance information for employees in the Panchayati Raj Department. Employees can get access to the website by entering their specific login credentials, such as a username and password. The PayManager website’s main purpose is to provide several services to government employees online.

Many organizations, both government and private, are trying to deliver their services online. PayManager provides the same service for government employees. Employees of the Rajasthan state government are given limited access to the website, which allows them to check their monthly pay slips via the employee page given by the DDO officer. Employees may use their login information to access their PayManager pay slip every month.

PRI Paymanager

PayManager is a website used by Rajasthan State employees to generate their pay bills. It is a simple and organized system for creating salary bills. However, you may also utilize this gateway to generate bills for DA arrears, bonuses, pending payments, and leave payments. It makes it easier for Rajasthan employees to handle their bills. 

The Finance Department of the Government of Rajasthan provides an online website, which is an effective method for state government employees to handle their financial problems easily.

Paymanager PRI

PayManager is a system used to generate payment invoices for Rajasthan employees. It provides a single system for managing employee payments. This system not only helps in monthly payments but also in preparing outstanding payments, bonuses, pending amounts, and leave payouts.

The Pre-pay Manager and PRI Pay Manager are similar websites inside the Panchayati Raj Portal. These portals are created for government personnel in Rajasthan’s Panchayat locations. They work in the same way as the website. Employees can access several online features and services by logging into this website.

The Rajasthan government developed the PayManager website particularly to manage employees’ salaries. Employees can use this website to see their pay slips, check deductions from their monthly pay, apply for leave, and look at the list of holidays.

This is particularly helpful for government employees, who regularly get payment without the associated pay information. Without this information, it is difficult to know how much money is paid to their pension money or how much tax is taken from their pay.

PRI Paymanager Features

Pri Paymanager is a useful service developed to make it easier for government employees in Rajasthan to maintain and receive payments. Some of the following features are listed below.

  • Update employee’s bank account.
  • Update employee’s service details.
  • Employee monthly salary slip.
  • Add an employee’s digital signature.
  • Employee Transfer Request Application.
  • Employee’s pay slip per month.
  • Employee Medical Bills and Other Services.
  • GA 55 Employment Details.
  • Update employee personal details.
  • Status of different types of bills.

PRI PayManager Employee Registration

When you work for the Government of Rajasthan as an employee, only your managers will have access to your pay information. This requires you to register your bank details. The following are the steps to completing the bank registration.

  1. Go to the PayManager Rajasthan official website at
  2. The ‘Bank Registration’ option is found under the login area on the homepage. Simply click on it.
  3. Next, you must enter your employee information, the same as you did with your DDO. Then, proceed by typing your first and last name.
  4. After, create a unique username for your login, and then click the ‘Check Availability’ button to see whether it’s accessible.
  5. Then select your user type using the ‘Treasury’ or ‘Bank’ option.
  6. Type up the necessary employee information and press the ‘Verify’ option.
  7. The information will be verified using the records your DDO officer has on file. If everything is correct, a successful notification will appear on your screen.
  8. Your PRI PayManager Rajasthan account has now been successfully registered.

PRI PayManager Login

PRI PayManager Login is the method by which allowed users, generally government employees in Rajasthan, access their accounts on the PRI PayManager website. You need to log in to the PRI PayManager Rajasthan account and follow the below steps.

  1. Using the PayManager Rajasthan official website at
  2. The login page can be found on the PayManager website’s homepage.
  3. Enter the necessary information, like your username, password, and captcha code.
  4. After you have entered this information, click the login button.
  5. Now, you can log in to your Rajasthan PRI PayManager account.

How to Download PRI Paymanager Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip 2024 PDF

Rajasthan Pay Manager Salary Slip or Salary Slip may be simply downloaded from the official website; you have to follow the steps given below.

  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. Check for the ‘DDO/Employee Login’ link under the login option and click on it.
  3. Enter your employee account’s User Name and Password and type in the Captcha code as given on the screen.
  4. Select ‘Employee’ from the list of options and click the ‘Login’ button.
  5. After logging in, go to the ‘Employee Corner’ menu and pick the ‘Pay Slip’ option.
  6. Select your preferred Month and Year for your pay slip from the drop-down options and click the ‘Submit’ button.
  7. Your Pri Paymanager Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip has now been downloaded, and you can choose to save it as a PDF file in your download folder.

Can I get several types of Rajasthan Employee Pay slips?

Yes, Rajasthan state government employees can get the monthly pay slips on the Rajasthan Employee webpage. Employees can use their login credentials to view this page and download the Pay Slip as many times as they like within the month.

Who has access to the Pay Manager Employee Portal?

The Pay Manager website was developed for Rajasthan state government employees, and accounts were created for them. Only Rajasthan state government employees can access employee services using the Pay Manager system.

Who has access to the Pay Manager Employee Gateway?

The Pay Manager website was developed for Rajasthan state government employees, and accounts are created for them. Only Rajasthan state government employees can access employee services using the Pay Manager system.

Is it possible to update my bank account in Pay Manager?

The process will be completed using DDO. DDO will submit a letter to the tax officer in charge requesting that his staff’s bank account be changed, and a document of no charges at the previous bank will be issued.


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