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The government of Uttar Pradesh launched a special webpage for all government employees to easily access their salary information. Employees may now check their monthly income online. They do not need to register on the official website, given that the finance department will register them using their mobile phone numbers.

Government employees can download pay slips using their registered phone number instead of an email address. This Koshvani UP website also provides additional services, such as applying for leave and getting loans. It offers many kinds of services to government employees and provides lots of employee-related information.

You may also download your pay slips anytime you need them. The Koshvani website is an important resource for government employees in Uttar Pradesh, making it simple to access many services.

Koshvani UP

The Uttar Pradesh Finance Department has created the Koshvani website. It allows government employees in Uttar Pradesh to view their salary information. This website was developed for all government employees in Uttar Pradesh. They may check their monthly pay online from the comfort of their home.

To utilize the Koshvani service, you do not need to register on the official website. However, the Finance Department allows employees to view their pay slips for 2024 by entering their registered phone number on this website.


The Uttar Pradesh government developed a website koshvani.up.nic.in referred to Koshvani, which was designed especially for government employees. This website provides a number of services to these employees. It contains information on people and even gives them access to their pay slips as needed by rules.

The Koshvani website is important because it helps to improve and simplify services for public employees in Uttar Pradesh. In addition to receiving their salaries, government employees may use this website to request leave, ask for loans, and do other activities. It helps not just current employees but also retired government employees in Uttar Pradesh.

Koshvani UP Employee Pay Slip 2024

The UP Employee Salary Slip 2024 form includes detailed information on an employee’s salary, deductions, and other financial information. It is an important document that assists employees in keeping track of their salaries and deductions, insurance, taxes, and other charges.

Uttar Pradesh employee payslips are delivered to employees at the end of the month and show how much money they have generated, withdrawn for savings, and paid for taxes.  The Uttar Pradesh government produced this website to assist government employees with necessary operations. Many government employees have difficulty getting their monthly pay information.

To solve this problem, the government created the Koshvani website, found at https://koshvani.up.nic.in.

How to Download UP Employee Salary Slip 2024 PDF

To download the UP employee salary slip for the 2024 PDF, go to the Uttar Pradesh government’s official website and follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the official Koshvani website at https://koshvani.up.nic.in.
  2. Find and choose the ‘Employee Salary Details’ option in the Features section on the homepage.
  3. On the new page, enter your mobile phone number.
  4. Then press the ‘Generate OTP’ button to get an OTP on your phone number.
  5. After, enter the OTP you received and type in the captcha code given.
  6. Then select the ‘Show Data’ option. Now, all of the details of your payslip will be displayed on your screen.
  7. You may get it by choosing a specific month and year.
  8. Click the ‘download’ option to save the pay slip to your device in PDF format. You may also use the ‘print’ button.

How can I update or modify my phone number on the Koshvani website?

The user can modify any contact information on the Koshvani website at https://koshvani.up.nic.in. However, the user must go to the DDO officer to make the modifications. The employee or pensioner must produce their proof documents for validation.

Can I view or download the previous year’s UP employee pay slip?

Yes, you can view or download previous years’ pay slips by signing in to the UP Treasury Department website and choosing a particular month and year.

What is the use of the UP Salary Slip 2024?

The UP Salary Slip 2024 is important because it allows employees to keep track of their salaries, deductions, and other financial information.

What can I do if I forget my Koshvani UP account password?

If you forget your Koshvani UP account password, you may recover it by going to the Koshavani login page and clicking the ‘Forgot Password’ option. Enter your employee code and registered phone number to validate your identity and generate a new password.


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