PSB ATM Block, How to Block Punjab & Sind Bank ATM Card in 2024

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PSB ATM Block Number was introduced for Punjab & Sind Bank ATM Card Hotlisting to STOP the debit card services of the account. PSB Bank Debit Card Blocking Service is available by calling the toll-free number, sending an SMS, using the PSB UnIC app, and using net banking at…

Punjab and Sind Bank account holders will receive ATM and debit card services for easy and fast banking. When an ATM card is misplaced or stolen, the cardholder must stop the debit card service using Punjab & Sind Bank Hotlisting.

Immediately block or deactivate the ATM card to avoid misuse for safety reasons. The PSB Bank introduced various services through the customer care helpline numbers. The Customer can request hotlisting of debit card services by calling the PSB ATM Card Block Number or by sending an SMS Message service code from the registered mobile number.

You can immediately block your card by completing any of the steps listed below.


  • Calling PSB ATM Card Block Number from the RMN.
  • Requesting the Customer Support Helpline Number.
  • Sending an SMS from the RMN.
  • Using PSCUnIC Mobile Application.
  • Net Banking Facility.
  • Reporting at Bank Channel.

PSB ATM Card Block Number

  • 18004198300.

How to Block Punjab & Sind Bank ATM Cards by Hotlisting Number

  1. Contact Punjab and Sind Bank’s customer service at 1800-419-8300.
  2. Select the language from IVR Options that you want to communicate in.
  3. Next Select the option to connect phone banking officer, it will connect your call to a bank support executive.
  4. Inform the executive that you misplaced your debit card and want to have it blocked.
  5. The executive will ask you a few questions related to your account in order to verify it.
  6. The executive will take into consideration your request.
  7. In addition, the card will be permanently disabled.

How to Block Punjab & Sind Bank ATM Card by Net Banking

The bank also offers internet banking services, so you only need to follow the following procedure to STOP your debit card through self-banking facilities.

  1. Go to the website at
  2. Log in by entering your User ID and Password.
  3. Select the Debit Card Section, choose the card, and then proceed to deactivate.
  4. Verify the transaction by entering OTP.
  5. Finally, the Hotlisting process is completed.
    • The verification SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number.

How to Deactivate Punjab & Sind Bank Debit Card by Mobile Banking

  1. PSB UnIC‘ is a Punjab and Sind Mobile Banking service app.
  2. Open the app and sign in using MPIN or Biometrics.
  3. From the account dashboard, select the card.
  4. Request the blocking of your ATM or debit card, that’s it.
  5. Your registered mobile number will get a verification SMS.
  6. Enter the OTP and confirm it.

How to Block Punjab & Sind Bank ATM Cards by Bank Branch

  1. If a customer cannot call customer service, they can alternatively visit a Punjab and Sind Bank branch to complete the process.
  2. You will fill out a request form at the branch and submit it to a bank official.
  3. They will immediately finish blocking your card.

How to Block PSC ATM Card by SMS

  1. Send an SMS with the subject Lost <space> last four numbers of the card number from the RMN to 9223815844.
  2. After Successfully sending the SMS, the Bank Servers will verify the details and Block the RMN-linked ATM Card Services immediately.
  3. You will receive a confirmation message as a reply in just a minute.
  • SMS Format-1: LOST <space> last 4 digits of your card number.
  • SMS Format-2:TBLOCK <space> last 4 digits of your Debit Card number

For complete information, please contact the Customer Care Helpline or visit the official website at


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