RBL Bank FD Rates 2024 Revised with Special FD Scheme, Effective from 1st May

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RBL Bank has revised its fixed deposit interest rates with the Special FD Scheme, and the bank has announced a revision in FD interest rates, presenting a great opportunity for those seeking high interest. The bank offers a maximum interest rate of 8.75 % on its special tenure scheme. If you deposit Rs.1 lakh in this scheme, you can earn up to Rs.15,850 in interest after maturity, totalling Rs.1,15,850. The latest FD rates for the bank have been revised, effective from May 1, 2024, with changes to various interest rates. 

RBL Bank, one of the domestic private sector banks, is offering 8 % interest to general customers on a special scheme with a tenure of 18 months to 24 months. An additional 50 basis points is being provided to senior citizens, resulting in an interest rate of 8.50 %. Super senior citizens (above 80 years of age) can earn an additional 0.75 %, i.e. 8.75 % interest rate.

The bank offers different interest rates on deposits of varying durations. 

  • Customers can earn 3.50 % interest on deposits of 7 days to 14 days, 4 % interest for 15 days to 45 days, and 4.50 % interest for 46 days to 90 days. 
  • For 91 days to 180 days, the interest rate is 4.75 %, while it is 5.50 % for 181 days to 240 days. 
  • For 241 days to 364 days, customers can earn 6.05 % interest, while the interest rate is 7.50 % for 365 days to 452 days. 
  • The interest rate is 7.80 % for 453 days to 545 days and 8 % for 24 months from 546 days. For 24 months, from one day to 36 months, the interest rate is 7.50 %. 
  • Customers can earn 7.10 % interest for 36 months one day to 60 months one day, while the interest rate is 7 % for 60 months one day to 120 months. 
  • Tax Savings Fixed Deposits offer 7.10 % interest for 60 months.

To get additional information on RBL Bank Revised Interest Rates, please contact the nearby branch channel of the bank or visit their official website.


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