How to Remove Password from PDF Bank Statement

Remove Bank Statement PDF Password easily using an Android Phone, iPhone, Google Chrome, Adobe Acrobat, etc.

Any Bank Statement PDF you’ve received is Password-Protected. Because these PDF files contain confidential information about the account, they must be password protected. Knowing every PDF password is a hassle, especially if you simply want to store these docs for your CA tax return. You can totally remove passwords from PDF files. To remove passwords from PDF files, you must first know the password.

Remove Password from PDF

Before opening a secure password-protected PDF know how to remove a password from a PDF file, we want to make clear that these techniques are just designed to enable you to access PDF files more conveniently. You can only unlock a PDF file if you know the password. So, read on to learn how to erase passwords from PDFs.

How to Remove Bank Statement PDF Password in Android Phone

Many of us use PDF files on our computers, but that isn’t always the case. You may need to view PDF files on the run using your smartphone. In such instances, repeatedly entering the PDF password may become a headache. The good news is that it can be removed as well. To unlock a PDF on an Android phone, follow these instructions.

  1. Get PDF Utilities application from Google Play store –Download.
  2. Open the App and Select the PDF that you’ve already downloaded and which one you want to remove the password.
  3. Once the PDF is selected in the PDF utility app, Click on Start.
  4. A pop-up is opened and asks you to enter the PDF Password. Enter and OK.

That’s it, just go back to the same location as the original PDF file to access the new password-free PDF.

How to Remove Bank Statement PDF Password in IOS

On iOS, you may unlock a PDF. This requires the free PDF Expert application; however, the password removal function requires a premium membership and free trial options. To remove the bank statement PDF password on Apple devices, proceed with the procedures below.

  1. Install PDF Expert (Download) on iPhone. Locate the PDF file you wish to unlock from the Files folder on the main menu.
  2. In order to change or remove a password, you must first access the file by clicking on it and then selecting Change Password.
  3. This will remove the password protection from the PDF file and allow you to access it without a password.
  4. To use this function, you must have purchased PDF Expert prior to the subscription model.

Bank Statement PDF Password Removal on PC or Laptop

Read on to discover how to unlock a bank statement PDF security password using a Desktop PC or Laptop.

  1. Download and execute the tool called sys tools.
  2. Now choose the bank statement PDF files to be unlocked. Enter the password for each PDF bank statement.
  3. Pick one of these. “Save” or “Print
  4. Change the destination location by clicking Change.
  5. Finally, click Unlock to start the procedure.
  6. Finally, the procedure is finished.

In this way, users may easily access a bank statement PDF file without a password.

How to Remove Bank Statement PDF Password using Google Chrome

It’s never been simpler to unlock a PDF bank statement. To remove the bank statement password, use your favourite browser, “Google Chrome.” For Google Chrome, use these steps to erase the password:

  1. When right-clicking on an encrypted PDF document, choose “Open with Google Chrome”.
  2. To access the PDF file on Google Chrome, enter the correct password.
  3. Click the Print icon, then the Change button in the left menu’s Destination section.
  4. Select Save as PDF. Finally, click the Save button to save the unlocked PDF file. You may now edit, modify, and print your PDF without entering the password.

How to Remove Bank Statement PDF Password through Adobe Acrobat

If you know a PDF’s password, you may use Adobe Acrobat to remove it. Here’s how it works quickly:

  1. Open it using Adobe Acrobat Pro (paid version).
  2. Select File from the dropdown menu in the upper left. Open your file by searching for it.
  3. If there is no password, you may open the document. If your PDF file is just secured by an open password, enter it in. A PDF file protected by both an open and permission password may be unlocked.
  4. On the right side of your screen, select Protect. Under the Adobe menu, three options appear. Choose More, then Security Properties.
  5. To get no security, you can choose “No Security” from the Security Method drop-down menu. You just need to confirm an open password update in the document. To complete this change, you will need to re-enter your authorization password.
  6. Save the file after these steps to implement the changes. The next time you open it, it won’t ask for a password.

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