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SBI CIF Number Search for State Bank Of India Customer Information File Offline & Online through Passbook, Mobile Banking, YONO App, and Internet Banking at…

The largest public sector bank, SBI, has provided its Customer Information File Details through a CIF Number called SBI CIF Number. The Bank has provided various services to its users offline and Online; to access those facilities, everyone needs to know their CIF Number.

The CIF Number is unique to every customer and the same for all SBI accounts located at any branch, like a Customer ID number. By following these steps, everyone can get their CIF Number from their account passbook and use other methods like mobile app, internet banking, phone banking, etc.

CIF Number SBI

  • Generally, the full form of the bank’s customer information file number is called the CIF number.
  • A Unique 11 11-digit electronically Generated and Non-non-transferable number is allotted as a CIF Number.
  • It holds all accountholder information, such as All Loans, KYC, Identity Proof, DEMAT, and other details.

Where we need the CIF Number SBI

  • No Need to maintain All Services of the Bank.
  • Only one Specific Service Request, that is the Changing of your Branch.
  • If you have raised a Service Request to Change your Present Brach to Another, you need to provide a CIF Number.

How to Get SBI CIF Number Online?

There are multiple ways are available to get your SBI CIF Number Online by using Mobile Banking like SBI YONO App, Anywhere SBI App, and SBI Internet Banking Services.

How to Get an SBI CIF Number from the SBI YONO App (Anywhere SBI)

Below, we have guided you to get your CIF Number from SBI Online Banking Services; if you are registered under the Net Banking services, you can follow the instructions to get your CIF Number Online. This method helps you get your CIF Number without a passbook.

  1. Install the SBI YONO App & LoginIf you are a first-time user, Install the App from the Google Play store and register yourself. If you have already installed it or are a running user, open the app and log in.
  2. Go to the Menu Select Services Option and select your account. Select and proceed with the nomination option in the Main Menu Services section. Then select your Accounts, such as Savings, deposits, Transactions, etc.
  3. Get the SBI CIF Number. Once you have selected your account, the app will show complete details of the account along with the CIF Number. Save it, and log out of the app.

How to get a CIF Number through SBI Net Banking?

  1. It’s a simple way to get an SBI CIF Number using an Internet Banking Facility.
  2. Open the State Bank of India official website at on the web browser.
  3. Log in using the Username & Password of the Account.
  4. Go to the Menu Section and Proceed with the Account Statement option.
  5. Select the Account along with a statement period and submit it.
  6. Now the Statement is displayed with complete information about the account along with MOD Balance, CIF Number, IFS Code, MICR Code, Nomination Registered, and Balance of the Day.

How to get SBI CIF Number Offline

Through SBI Passbook

  • State Bank of India issued Passbook has maintained complete account information along with the CIF Number.
  • On the first page of the SBI Passbook, you can find your CIF Number near the Account number.
  • Find out the CIF Number. You will get the number easily.


  • Call to the SBI Customer Care Number from your Registered Mobile Number on 1800112211 or 18004253800.
  • Verify your details after connecting with the phone banking officer.
  • Ask for your CIF Number, and they will instantly provide it to you on the call.
  • Incase of any issues, contact your Branch.
  1. Can I Get My Account CIF Number from my Branch?
    • Your branch officers will provide information about your account per the RBI guidelines. You can also get your CIF Number from your Branch.
  2. Can I get the SBI CIF Number on the Passbook?
    • Yes, your account details and CIF number are on the front page of the SBI-issued Passbook.
  3. Can I Get the CIF Number by Calling Customer Care?
    • Yes, the Phone Banking officer will provide the details by verifying your details by calling from your registered mobile phone number.

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