SBI Mini Statement, How to Get SBI Mini Statement?

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SBI Mini Statement Generation is very simple through the Anywhere & YONO App, Missed Calls, SMS, IVRS, *99# Service, ATM, and other Online and offline methods.

The State Bank of India provides banking services in all states and union territories of the country. Various facilities and services are provided to get SBI Mini Statement Online and offline.

Many ways are available to get the past five transactions along with the final balance of the account; using the Mini Statement facility, the bank’s customers can get the latest five transactions instantly via SMS.

SBI Mini Statement

A Mini Statement is a short transaction report for the last five transactions on the account. Those who have registered and activated their mobile phone number linked to their account number can instantly get the latest five transactions.

How to get SBI Mini Statement?

Mobile Banking, Phone Banking, Net Banking, and offline methods are available to get an SBI mini statement. Following simple methods, every customer can access the facility to get a transaction history instantly for the past five transactions.

  • Mobile Banking.
    1. SBI YONO App.
    2. SBI Anywhere App.
  • Phone Banking.
    1. By Missed Call.
    2. Via SMS.
    3. IVRS.
    4. *99# Service.
  • Other.
    1. Visiting ATM.
    2. Nearest Branch.

How to get SBI Mini Statement through Mobile Banking?

Bank smartphone users who have installed YONO, Anywhere, Lite, and other apps provided by SBI can access mini statements for the latest transactions on their accounts.

  1. Open and log into the SBI Mobile Banking App.
  2. Go to the “My Account” Section from the dashboard and Tap on “Mini Statement”.
  3. You have seen the latest account transactions on the screen.

How to get SBI Mini Statement through Phone Banking?

Basic Phone users with no internet access can get a Mini statement by using phone banking services. The simple methods listed below allow users to get the latest transaction details using their (RMN) registered mobile phone number.

SBI Mini Statement by Missed Call.

  1. Dial the SBI MINI Statement Number 9223866666 from your registered phone number.
  2. Once the call is connected, it automatically disconnects within a second.
  3. You will receive an SMS with a mini statement of the phone number’s linked accounts in just a minute.

SBI Mini Statement by SMS.

To get the latest transactions via SMS, write the letter “MSTM” in all caps and send it to 09223866666 as an SMS from your phone. You will receive a reply with the latest 5 transactions.

SBI Mini Statement through IVRS.

Call the SBI Customer Care Number, follow the IVR instructions, and select the respective option to listen to the account balance by getting a statement via SMS.

Transaction History gets by *99# service.

  1. Dial *99# in your registered phone number.
  2. You will receive a menu with a transaction history option.
  3. Reply with the respective option. You will see Transaction History on the screen.

Get SBI Mini Statement from ATM

  1. Visit the nearest SBI ATM or any other branch.
  2. Inset your debit card, enter the PIN, and then use the Mini Statement option.
  3. You will get the latest transaction history as a printout from the ATM.

State Bank of India Statement from the Branch.

Visit the nearest bank branch in your area, go to the helpdesk centre, and ask for an SBI Account Statement printed on your passbook.

The above online & offline methods are helpful to get your transaction history anywhere using your registered mobile phone number.


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