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The SSO (Single Sign-On) system in Rajasthan is online access through its ID Login & Registration, providing one digital identity for all applications. Created by the Rajasthan government, the SSO ID makes it easier for people by offering a single login for various online services.

Once you log in with your SSO ID, you can easily use different government services like applying for jobs or paying bills without needing multiple logins. It is like having one key for many doors, making it simpler and more accessible for people in Rajasthan.

SSO ID Rajasthan

The Rajasthan SSO (Single Sign-On) portal is a website created by the government of Rajasthan in 2013. It lets people use different online services in one place and benefit from various e-services. To use the portal, you need to create an SSO ID by signing up.

The SSO ID is a special digital name that you use to access the online services provided by the Rajasthan government. You can use this ID to apply for a Jan Aadhar card, apply for jobs or schools, and more.

The government runs all its programs through the SSO ID. You can also link your Aadhar card, food security or government farm, labour card, and other things through this portal.

SSOID Portal

SSOID is a program that helps people use government services anytime, anywhere. It gives a special ID to easily access online services.

  1. Visit to use the portal.
  2. You only need your login details (username and password) obtained during registration.
  3. Important citizen info is safely kept here.
  4. Includes industry details and government employee information.
  5. The Rajasthan Government wants people to use online services.
  6. This makes tasks quicker and easier for people.
  7. It helps the government manage data better and reduces congestion in offices.

Rajasthan SSO ID Portal

Rajasthan Single Sign On (SSO), made by the state government, is for the people of Rajasthan to use online services easily. The SSO ID is like a single code that works for all applications.

  • People can make an account with Rajasthan SSO. This account lets them use different benefits like getting the Jan Aadhaar card, applying for jobs, and accessing education opportunities provided by the State government.
  • You can apply for government jobs on the website and see how your application is doing.
  • You can check and pay different bills like mobile, electricity, and water bills using your SSO ID.
  • If you have an SSO ID, you can do various things, such as apply for jobs, ask questions through RTI, pay water or electricity bills, get a license for arms, and apply to university.

Eligibility Criteria for Rajasthan SSO ID

  • Residents of Rajasthan state can register on the Rajasthan SSO portal.
  • Indian citizens with a Google account are eligible for registration.
  • Business owners or industrial businesses with a Business Registration Number (BRN) can sign up.
  • Rajasthan state government servants with a State Insurance and Provident Fund (SIPF) number can also register on the portal.

SSO Rajasthan Registration Modes

You can register for an SSO ID using various Modes. The registration process can be done through this link: Click on registration. You can find these modes of registration of SSO Rajasthan.

  • Citizen Registration.
  • Udyog Registration.
  • Government employee registration.

Rajasthan SSOID Online Registration Procedure

To access any official web portal,, people must register to take advantage of the portal’s benefits.

So, let us register the Rajasthan SSOID portal by following the steps:

  1. Go to the official website of Rajasthan SSOID at
  2. A screen that shows “Registration” on the right side of the page and click on it.
  3. There, you can see three options, like:
    • Citizen
    • Udyog
    • Government employees
  4. Choose the option that you belong to and give details accordingly.

SSO ID Rajasthan for Citizens

The SSO ID is like a special digital name for people in Rajasthan. With this ID, residents can easily use different online services provided by the government. They can do things like apply for Aadhar cards, jobs, school, and more. It makes it simple for people to access these services.

  1. Visit the Rajasthan SSO portal at
  2. Click on the registration tab and choose the citizen option.
  3. Pick any one of the options:
    • Jan Aadhaar
    • Aadhaar
    • Twitter account
    • Facebook account
    • Google account
    • Bhamashah account
  4. If you choose Jan Aadhaar, enter the Aadhaar ID or Enrollment number for your Google account, and use your official Google ID. Choose the ‘Bhamashah’ option and input the Bhamashah ID number.
  5. Select your name, the head of the family, and other members, then click ‘Send OTP.’
  6. Enter the received OTP and click ‘Verify OTP’ to finish registration.
  7. Complete the registration by providing the required details, and choosing a password, and you’ll get your SSO ID on your mobile number and email.

SSO ID Rajasthan for Udyog

If you run a small business and want to make a Rajasthan SSO ID, just go to the official website.

  1. Go to the Rajasthan SSO Portal
  2. Click on ‘Registration’, Choose ‘Udhyog’, and click on ‘BRN.’
  3. Enter your Business Registration Number (BRN) and click ‘Next.’
  4. Fill in the details and click ‘Register’ to finish the registration.

SSO ID Rajasthan for Govt Employees

The SSO ID (Single Sign-On Identification) for Rajasthan citizens is an online authentication system established by the Rajasthan state government. Introduced to simplify access to various online services to Register on the Rajasthan SSO Portal:

  1. Go to the Rajasthan SSO Portal
  2. Click on ‘Registration’ and Choose ‘Govt. Employee’ and select ‘SIPF.’
  3. Enter your State Insurance and Provident Fund (SIPF) number and password.
  4. Click ‘Next,’ then Fill in your details carefully.
  5. Click ‘Register’ to finish the registration process.

How to recover SSO ID Password online?

SSO ID and password are crucial for accessing the portal. If you forget your password, there’s an option to recover it on the main page.

  1. Visit the Rajasthan SSO Portal at
  2. At the login box down, you see “I forgot my digital identity (SSOID)” Click on it.
  3. Look for the option on the portal or click the provided link:
  4. To recover your SSO ID, just send a text message with the letters RJ SSO to 9223166166 from your registered mobile number.
  5. Make sure you’ve used the portal at least once before.
  6. The page offers various utilities, allowing users to update their information and access e-services.

Rajasthan Digital Identity Support Desk

  • Rajasthan government has a support desk for SSO ID portal users.
  • The helpdesk is open during working days from 10 AM to 6 PM to assist citizens.
  • Users can get help with SSOID registration and resolve any queries.

SSO Rajasthan Helpline and Contact Details (Helpline)

If you have trouble logging in or signing up on the Rajasthan SSO website, you can contact the helpdesk. Here is how:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0141-5123717, 0141-5153222

Aspects of the SSO Rajasthan Portal

The Rajasthan SSO portal is useful for various things:

  • Job Applications: You can easily apply for government jobs announced by the Rajasthan government and keep track of your application status.
  • Utility Bill Payments: With an SSO ID, you can conveniently pay your bills for services like landline, electricity, water, and mobile.
  • Applications for Different Purposes: The SSO ID allows you to apply for various purposes, including government jobs, university admissions, arms licenses, filing RTI, and more.
  • Other Services: The portal offers access to services like Bhamashah Card, Jan Aadhaar, e-Mitra, Rajasthan employment services, and others.

Important Points about SSO ID Rajasthan

  • SSO ID in Rajasthan makes it easy to use government services online.
  • Make your SSO ID by signing up on the official Rajasthan SSO website.
  • Use SSO ID for different government services like job applications and bill payments.
  • You only need to sign in once with SSO ID to use many services without remembering lots of usernames and passwords.
  • A help desk is always available to assist if you have problems logging in or signing up.
  • If you forget your password, you can get it back by sending an SMS from your registered mobile.
  • SSO ID lets you easily apply for government jobs, university admissions, and arms licenses and file RTI.
  • You can use SSO ID to pay bills online, like for landline, electricity, water, and mobile.
  • SSO ID combines services like the Bhamashah Card, Jan Aadhaar, e-Mitra, and Rajasthan employment services.

What is SSO Rajasthan?

SSO Rajasthan stands for Single Sign-On, a system by the Rajasthan government for a unified digital identity to access various online services.

How do I create an SSO ID?

Visit the official Rajasthan SSO portal at Click on ‘Registration’ and choose the relevant category (Citizen, Udyog, or Government Employee).

Can I recover my SSO ID password if I forget it?

Yes, you can recover your SSO ID password by sending an SMS with the letters “RJ SSO” to 9223166166 from your registered mobile number.

What services can I access with SSO ID?

SSO ID provides access to a range of services, including applying for government jobs, paying utility bills, and availing benefits like the Bhamashah Card and Jan Aadhaar.

How can I contact the SSO Rajasthan support desk?

You can contact the support desk via email at or by phone at 01415123717 and 01415153222.


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