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The Telangana State Government Life Insurance (TSGLI) policy number is a crucial scheme element. By prioritizing its protection and utilizing its functionalities, you can effectively manage your TSGLI coverage. The policy number is a unique code assigned to each individual who holds a TSGLI policy.

TSGLI offers life insurance for the State Government, Panchayati Raj, and Municipal Employees. The policy number is significant as it helps you locate and manage your insurance details. You can typically find this code on your policy certificate and other TSGLI documents.

It serves as a policy ID and helps the TSGLI system keep track of the policyholders. You will use this policy number when communicating with the TSGLI team.

 TSGLI Policy Number 2024

The Telangana State Government Life Insurance Department (TSGLI) has activated a convenient online tool to assist policyholders in finding their policy numbers.

  • You can check your TSGLI documents, such as the papers they provided or any letters you received. Your policy number should be mentioned in those documents.
  • Visit the TSGLI office directly. Providing them with your details would enable them to assist you in locating your policy number.
  • Check your salary papers or payslips. Your TSGLI policy number might be included in the deductions.
  • If you work for the government, ask your office’s HR or the person handling payments (DDO). They might have your policy details.
  • See if there’s an official TSGLI website where you can log in. Your policy number could be there in your account.
  • Look at any messages or letters you got from TSGLI. Your policy number might be mentioned.
  • Go to the official TSGLI website (tsgli.telangana.gov.in) to see if there’s information about finding your policy number.

How to Know TSGLI Policy Number?

To find out your TSGLI (Telangana State Government Life Insurance) policy number, you can follow these:

How to Get Telangana GLI Policy Number Online

  1. Access the official TSGLI website at tsgli.telangana.gov.in.
  2. Navigate to the “Find Policy” section under the “Policyholders” menu.
  3. Fill in the designated fields with your accurate details, including name, father’s name, date of birth, and the displayed security code.
  4. Click “Retrieve Policy Number” to instantly view your policy information on the screen.

How to Get Telangana GLI Policy Number Offline

  • Check your salary slip or pay stub.
  • Ask your DDO (departmental manager).
  • Contact the TSGLI office directly.

TSGLI Policy Number Updation

Here is a brief overview of the policy number update process for TSGLI policies:

  • DDOs: Check schedules for missing/incorrect policy numbers. Obtain missing proposals and update records in IFMIS.
  • Employees: Verify policy existence. Submit proposals for premium increases before age 56. Quote correct policy numbers in schedules.
  • Eligibility: Employees aged 19-56.
  • Benefits: Tax-exempt premiums, attractive bonus rates, coverage of up to 20% of basic pay.
  • ​DDOs: Deduct premiums, forward proposals, obtain policies, update numbers, and communicate guidelines.
  • Employees: Submit proposals and maintain accurate information.
  • Resources: www.tseli.telangana.gov.in

Guidelines for TSGLI Policy Number Updation

To ensure the accuracy and integrity of your TSGLI policy records, please adhere to the following guidelines for policy number updation:

  • Check the current policy number you have.
  • ​Have your full name, date of birth, address and contact details readily available.
  • ​Provide your designation, department, and employee ID.
  • ​Clearly articulate the reason necessitating the updation.
  • Visit the official TSGLI website to explore online procedures and forms.
  • ​Reach out via phone or email to receive specific instructions.
  • ​For intricate cases, consider seeking in-person guidance at a TSGLI branch.
  • Download or acquire the necessary forms from the website, customer service, or a branch.
  • ​Fill out all forms meticulously, ensuring the accuracy of the provided information.
  • ​Annex any required documents to verify your identity and employment status.
  • Opt for online submission whenever possible for optimal convenience and swift processing.
  • ​If necessary, submit completed forms in person at a TSGLI branch.
  • ​Contact TSGLI to ascertain processing time and completion.
  • ​Upon successful updation, procure the updated policy document.

Important Instructions to TSGLI Policy Holders and DDOs

The TSGLI is a Telangana State Government Insurance Department division offers life insurance services to employees working for the State Government, Panchayati Raj, and Municipalities.

  • Maximize coverage: Opt for the 20% premium increase allowed under Government Order No. 26/1995 (subject to health). This significantly boosts your beneficiary payout.
  • Submit updated proposals: Don’t miss out! Ensure proposals reflecting any chosen premium increase are submitted to avoid coverage limitations.
  • Act fast: Time matters. Submit proposals promptly to avoid delays and ensure full protection.
  • Facilitate the process: Guide policyholders through the proposal submission process and efficiently forward proposals to ensure timely coverage adjustments.
  • Verify details: Scrutinize proposals for completeness and accuracy to safeguard policyholder rights and benefits.
  • Partner for protection: Your role is crucial in ensuring policyholders understand and maximize their TSGLI coverage.

Instructions to be followed by TSGLI policyholders/ DDO

Instructions to be followed by policyholders or DDO (Drawing and Disbursing Officers) in the context of insurance or financial policies. While the specific instructions can vary depending on the type of policy or organization, here are some general guidelines that policyholders and DDOs may need to follow.


  • Report injury/disability within 48 hours.
  • File claim within 90 days with complete docs (medical certificates, reports, etc.).
  • Cooperate with medical exams and inform TSGLI of any changes.


  • Guide policyholders through the process.
  • Verify and forward claims promptly.
  • Maintain accurate records of TSGLI transactions and policyholder information.

What is my TSGLI policy number?

Your TSGLI policy number is a unique identifier assigned to your insurance policy within the Telangana State Government Life Insurance scheme. It grants you access to policy details, claims processing, and more.

Where can I find my TSGLI Policy Number?

You can usually find your TSGLI Policy Number on your policy certificate and other official TSGLI documents.

Can someone else find my TSGLI policy number?

Yes, with your written consent, your DDO or a trusted family member can assist you in retrieving the number.

Where should I keep my TSGLI policy number?

Store it in a secure location you can easily access, like a personal organizer or password-protected document vault.

What should I do if I lose my TSGLI policy number?

Contact the TSGLI office immediately. They can help you retrieve your number or issue a replacement card.


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