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TVS Credit Payment Online for Two Wheeler Loan EMI Payments & Part/Principal Payment through TVS Credit Saathi App & Online at…

Do you know what credit is? Have you heard of TVS Credit Online Payment? If not, let me explain both of these terms. Credit is a type of contract agreement between a borrower and a lender in which the borrower receives a sum of money or any valuable thing from the lender and agrees to return it at a later date. Credits are given based on credit history, creditworthiness, or assets the borrower owns.

TVS Credit is a company owned by TVS. It gives credit depending on the borrower’s needs. It offers different kinds of loans, such as business loans, two-wheeler loans, three-wheeler loans, used car loans, tractor loans, consumer durable loans, and used commercial vehicle loans.

For most of your loans, you have to pay an EMI (every monthly instalment). If you miss paying the EMI, you will suffer in different ways. For example, if you purchase your mobile phone and forget to pay the instalment/EMI on time, the company will block your phone, and you will not be able to use your phone without paying the EMI (that you skipped).

If you forget to make the payment for any reason, you can easily make it online in just 5 minutes. Making TVS credit online payment is as easy as recharging your mobile number. But before proceeding, you must be ready with the following things.

Prerequisites for Making TVS Credit Online Payment – Loan EMI

You must be ready with the loan number you received when opting/registering for a TVS credit loan.


Active registered mobile number with you, on which you will get the OTP and related details.

How to Make TVS Credit Payments Online

There are two ways to make the TVS Credit online payment: first, use the TVS Credit Saathi App on your mobile device or directly use the TVS Credit website. Both methods are very easy to use. Let us discuss both methods one by one.

TVS Credit Bill Pay through TVS Credit Saathi App

With the help of this App, you cannot only make the payment but also check all the details related to your loan, like EMI, etc., and download the statement as well. The following steps are discussed below to download, install, and make the payment with the TVS credit Saathi App. Here, I am discussing how to make TVS credit Online Payment via an Android-equipped smartphone.

How to Pay TVS Credit Payment through the TVS Credit Saathi App
Every smartphone user can pay for TVS Credit EMI online by installing the application on Android and iOS (iPhone). Follow the steps to make regular payments in just a minute.

  1. First, Install the TVS Credit Saathi App.
    • For an Android phone, open the Google Play Store, type ‘TVS credit Saathi’. You will see it in the first position. Alternatively, you can click here. Download, install and open it.
  2. Open the App and log in by Using your Registered Mobile Phone Number (RMN).
    • On the App’s main screen, you will see that it will ask for your registered mobile number (RMN). Enter your RMN.
  3. Confirm OTP to Verify.
    • Once you do that, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. You have to enter it on the screen that appears next after entering your RMN.
  4. Check your Active Loans & Select payment.
    • You will now be taken to the App’s main page, where you can see your active loan account details. Click on the loan number for which you want to make the payment.
  5. Proceed to Pay using the Payment Tab (Pay via Agreement Number).
    • You will see the ‘payment’ tab on the bottom of the screen. Click on that ‘Tab’.
  6. Pay EMI or Part Payment of the Loan.
    • The new page that appears next will give you details about the pending due amount for your chosen loan number. Below this, you will find the various modes of payment with which you can pay this pending EMI or loan amount. Choose the model that is most suitable for you and complete the payment.

Isn’t the process easy? You need not go anywhere in this type of pandemic. It requires just some clicks to complete your payment.

How to Pay TVS Credit Payment Online at

  1. Visit TVS Credit’s official website at On the right-hand side of the screen, you will find the option ‘Pay Online. ‘ Click on that.
  2. You will be taken to a new window, where you will be asked to enter your Agreement or Registration numbers. Make the entries and click on the ‘Fetch’ tab.
  3. If your entry is correct, the information related to you, such as your agreement number, name, mobile number, date of birth, e-mail ID, etc., will be shown. If you want to make any changes, you can do so here and then press the ‘Submit’ tab.

Note: The total amount due will also be visible on the same page.

On the next page, you will have to choose the mode of payment. You can choose from a variety of methods, such as Debit card payment and net banking.

Note:- An important point to remember is that you can not pay via credit card.

Now enter all the details asked for related to the mode of payment you choose and verify. After you have verified all the details, you can see your transaction status as ‘Txn Success’. You can even note down the transaction ID if you need to be secure.

NOTE:-In case you don’t have it, you need to click the ‘Login’ tab at the right-hand corner of the webpage and then click on the option ‘Customer Login’. On the new screen, enter the mobile number that you registered with, the TVS Credit, which is taking the Loan and then enter the OTP that you get on your RMN and click on ‘Login’. Now, you can log in and see details of your loan number, etc. You have to click on the loan number and make the payment.

I think both processes are defined pretty well. If in doubt, please feel free to ask.

What is the official website for TVS Credit Payment Online

TVS Credit Payment Online for Two Wheeler Loan EMI Payments & Part/Principal Payment through TVS Credit Saathi App & Online at

How do I pay my TVS Credit instalment bill online?

Every account holder can pay their EMI or prepayment of the loan online from the official website at and the TVS Credit Saathi App.

How do I check my TVS Finance balance?

After Successful login of the account you can find complete details of the loan with finance balance with monthly statements along with final balance.

What is TVS Credit Payment Online?

The TVS Credit Saathi is a mobile phone application that allows you to pay the loan EMI through Android and iOS apps. It is designed for loan holders’ smartphone users.

Can I pay for TVS Credit Payment Online with my credit card?

An important point to remember here is that you can not pay via credit card for TVS Credit Payment Online.


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