How to Check Bank Balance by Passbook

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Check A Bank Balance by Passbook Updating Account from the Bank Branch in a simple way…

Reserve Bank of India had issued a notification mandated to Issuance of Passbooks to Savings Bank Account holders (Individuals) when they requested. Customers of the bank can get a passbook from your responsible bank, and it’s an identity of the account between the bank to the customer. Bank passbooks are accepted as address proof for passports and also acceptable for various government services in the country.

Bank Passbook

Passbook front page with a photograph of the customer is an identification acceptable anywhere in the country. The account holder who got a savings or current account can get a passbook from your responsible bank to make offline transactions.

There are many uneducated customers are using banking services from various rural areas in the country. According to the reports, many customers are using offline methods to know their account balances. Customers who have passbooks can check their account’s current available balance by simple steps.

How to Check Bank Balance by Passbook

  1. Visit any nearby bank branch that’s responsible bank where your accounts are operated, like SBI, ICICI, HDFC, etc.
    • Right now, all banks are offered any branch banking or multi-branch banking that’s offered anywhere.
  2. Request for Passbook, If you have already issed a passbook carry that one.
  3. Contact helpdesk officer to update the passbook for transction history to get final available funds in the account.
    • Major banks have introduced automatic passbook updating machines to update your passbook.
  4. The Bank Officer will update the passbook with all transction history of the account.
  5. On that final transction everyone can found currently available balance of the account.
  • Everyone can get banking services like a home branch by visiting responsible bank branches.
  • Each branch of the bank will provide balance enquiry services along with passbook updating at any working hours.
  • Passbook updating is a good habit for the customer who has no possibility to make online banking services.

5.6.1 Issuance of Passbooks to Savings Bank Account holders (Individuals)

(i) A passbook is a ready reckoner of transactions and is handy and compact and, as such, is far more convenient to the small customer than a statement of account. Use of statements has some inherent difficulties viz.,

  • (a) these need to be filed regularly.
  • (b) the opening balance needs to be tallied with closing balance of last statement.
  • (c) loss of statements in postal transit is not uncommon and obtaining duplicates thereof involves expense and inconvenience.
  • (d) ATM slips during the interregnum between two statements does not provide a satisfactory solution as full record of transactions is not available and.
  • (e) there are a large number of small customers who do not have access to computers / internet, etc. As such, non-issuance of pass-books to such small customers would indirectly lead to their financial exclusion.

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