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Customers of the Central Bank of India can request for hotlisting of ATM CUM Debit Cards online and offline for reporting missing and damaged debit/credit/ATM cards. If you are a Central Bank of India customer and also have stolen or lost your CBI ATM Card you can block the card in the following simple ways.

Note that you must block the card immediately to protect your account/atm card use from fraud persons.


The security future was introduced to protect against debit card fraud. Customers of CBI Bank can follow the listed ways for hotlisting ATM CUM Debit Cards online and offline.

  • Calling CBI BANK ATM Block Number.
  • Contacting Customer Care Helpline Support.
  • By Sending an SMS Request.
  • Using Mobile Banking APP.
  • Internet Banking Service.
  • Reporting at the Bank Channel.

Central Bank of India ATM Card Block Number

Card Hotlisting/Card not working 1800 22 1911.

How to Block CBI Bank ATM Card by Calling Hotlisting Number

1. Dial and Contact the bank’s customer service hotlisting number at 1800 200 1911 from the RMN of Account.
2. Keep your call connected so you can speak with a customer service agent.
3. Inform them that you have missed your ATM card and want to have it blocked.
4. They will want certain information from you, such as your Account Number, ATM card number, etc.
5. Give them all of the information, and your card will be blocked immediately.

Central Bank of India ATM Block Number by SMS

1. You must send an SMS from your registered mobile number (RMN) of the bank account.
2. Enter the SMS in the format shown below.
3. LOST Bank Account Number.
4. send it to this number 9967533228.

  • Now you can block your lost card by sending an SMS to phone no.91+9967533228 as follows:
    1. LOST: For blocking all cards linked to mobile.
    2. LOST <space> card no. : For blocking specific card no.
    3. LOST<space>Account no. : For blocking cards in specific accounts.

How to Block Central Bank of India ATM by Net Banking

Customers of the Central Bank of India can block their Debit cards using their net banking account. Online banking can be used to quickly deactivate the account holder’s ATM card.

  1. Simply sign in using your net banking account information.
  2. Go to the Debit Card Section from the Dashboard options.
  3. Choose the ‘Hotlist Card‘ option and Select the Debit Card you want to block.
  4. Submit the request and verify the transaction with OTP.
  5. After submitting the information, you will receive a successful notification that you can take a screenshot.
  6. Take down the reference numbers that are provided.

Central Bank of India ATM Block Number by Mobile App

Customers can also use the Central Bank of India Mobile application to block their missing Debit card.

  1. You must install the official Cent Mobile application from the bank.
  2. After installation, use the app and sign in with your net banking credentials.
  3. Select the ‘Cards‘ tab from the list of options below.
  4. Select Block Debit Card.
  5. Choose the card you want to block and proceed to block.
  6. You will receive a confirmation message after clicking Submit.

Central Bank of India ATM Block Number by Visit the branch

1. Go to the bank branch where you keep your bank account, i.e., your home branch.
2. Inform the bank staff that you have misplaced your ATM card and want to have it blocked.
3. They will process your bank account information request and block your card.

Central Bank of India ATM Block Number by Send an Email

  1. Send an email with complete information about the hotlisting to debitcard_os@centralbank.co.in.
    • Provide your ATM card information in the email.
    • Your card will also be blocked by the bank.

For more and complete details please visit the CBI Bank Customer Support Page, or Contact the Customer Support Toll-Free Helpline from your Registered Mobile Number.


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