How to Add Beneficiary in Kotak Mahindra Bank

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Add Beneficiary in Kotak Mahendra Bank through the Kotak 811 app and Internet Banking at…

Many Kotak Mahindra Bank customers use online transaction services. To use such services, consumers must register beneficiaries or payees. Beneficiaries are the recipients of your money. They might even be persons or companies.

Add Beneficiary in Kotak Mahindra Bank

Learn how to add billers or beneficiaries to Kotak Mahindra Bank with online banking or a mobile app. Kotak Mahindra Bank provides safe, comfortable, and fast mobile banking services through digital platforms. Customers may use Kotak 811 mobile banking to monitor credit card payments, manage investments, transfer cash, and pay bills.

Way’s to Add Payee/Biller in Kotak Bank

  1. Mobile Banking through Kotak 811 App.
  2. Internet Banking.

How to Add Payee/Biller in Kotak Mahindra Bank through Net Banking

  1. Visit the Kotak Mahindra net banking website at
  2. Log in using your CRN Number and password.
  3. On the dashboard screen of the account, choose “Secure Login”.
  4. The following window will ask you for your registered mobile’s OTP.
    1. Select “Payment”.
    2. Select the “Beneficiaries” option.
  5. The beneficiary type may be selected on the Kotak Mahindra Bank portal. If your recipient has a Kotak Mahindra Bank account, choose it. If the recipient is a customer of another bank, choose “Other Bank”.
  6. Select “Add a New Beneficiary”.
  7. Fill up your new beneficiary’s information like Account Number, IFSC Code, Name of the Account holder, Nikname.
  8. Submit the form and input the OTP.
  9. Verify all information and click “Activate Now”.

Your new net banking beneficiary has been added, and you can send money after a cooling period of 30 minutes.

How to Add Beneficiary in Kotak 811 Mobile App

  1. Open the Kotak 811 App on your phone.
  2. Login by credentials like CRN & MPIN (Only from registered mobile numbers).
  3. After logging in, choose Transfer Money from the main menu.
  4. Select Add Beneficiary from the Beneficiaries and VPA menu.
  5. Choose a bank from the list and input the beneficiary’s IFSC code.
  6. Choose the Nickname, input the Beneficiary name and add the account number twice.
  7. Also, choose the account type and click Continue.
  8. The OTP is sent to your registered phone number. Enter the OTP and click Verify.

How to Pay a Beneficiary through Kotak 811 Mobile Banking App

  1. Select “Banking” then choose “IMPS,” and finally “IMPS Fund Transfer.”
  2. Select the MMID tab, Fill in the mandatory fields and click “Pay Now”.
  3. Check the transaction details and click “Confirm”.

That’s it. You have seen a message “Successfully Sent” along with a “Transaction ID” for the payment.

Easy Beneficiary Enrollment in Kotak Bank

Beneficiary registration activates all transfer types (NEFT, RTGS & IMPS, or Kotak-to-Kotak transfer). Any beneficiary may have a transfer type activated or deactivated. Previously, each transfer type had to be filed.

There are a daily limit of two (2) beneficiaries per account. After that, you may transfer up to Rs. 25,000 through the Mobile Banking App or Net Banking ‘Favorites‘ feature option to save a recipient as a favourite for future transactions.

Specify a beneficiary as “My Account.

You may now specify a beneficiary as “My Account.” A beneficiary marked as ‘My Account’ appears at the top of the beneficiary list, making selection and transfer easy.

To learn more about it, please visit the page, and Know Your Kotak 811 Account to check the Kotak Bank Mini Statement.

How many Payers or beneficiaries can I add to a day in my Kotak account?

Only Two Payee Accounts will be allowed to add in a Kotak account, to add more billers you need to wait for the nextday.

How Much Money we can transfer on the day of Beneficiaries Add to Kotak Bank?

The Kotak Bank allows transferring only Rs.25,000/- through IMPS, NEFT, RGTS, and any other way on the same day of beneficiary added.

What is the easiest way to add beneficiaries to the Kotak Account?

Using the Kotak 811 Mobile Banking app is the best and easiest way to make all banking services.


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