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Union Bank ATM PIN Generation for UBI Debit Card PIN Generation through U-Mobile App, a Phone Call by Contacting Customer Care Number, Net Banking Facility Online at https://www.unionbankofindia.co.in…

Union Bank of India customers can change or generate their ATM Card pins in various ways for freshly issued new debit cards, and if anyone has to lose/forget. UBI ATM PIN Generation is a very simple process of calling customer care through the bank’s IVRS system.

UBI ATM PIN Generation

UBI offers its customers the facility to change debit card PIN numbers in various secure ways at any time, 24/7, by following simple methods. Here, we guide you through changing or generating a UBI ATM PIN in a simple manner.

  • Calling to Customer Care by RMN.
  • U-MOBILE App by Mobile Banking.
  • Internet Banking Facility.

Union Bank of India ATM PIN Change by Phone Call

To generate a new PIN for a newly issued debit card by the bank, or for those who have lost or forgotten their PIN number, follow the method. By following IVRS instructions, everyone can generate or re-generate an ATM PIN by calling customer care through RMN.

  1. Dial from your Registered Mobile Phone Number (RMN) to UBI Customer Care Number 1800222244 or 18002082244.
  2. Follow the IVRS instructions from the menu options once you connect the call.
  3. Select your mother banks from the menu, like Andhra Bank, Corporation Bank, or Union Bank.
  4. Select the preferred language, choose Self PIN generation, and continue.
  5. Now, Choose Duplicate PIN generation, and enter your account number correctly.
  6. Then, your UBI account number is verified and linked with the mobile number (RMN).
  7. The main process has started now; the IVRS is asking you for additional verification.
    • Entering Date of Birth (DOB).
    • ATM Card Number.
  8. Provide the date of birth as per the bank database & ATM Card 16 digits with an expiry date as per the required format of IVRS.
  9. After Successfully verifying those details, drop the call; you will receive a passcode with 8 digits with a validity period of 2 hours through SMS as a Green PIN to your registered mobile phone number.
  10. Agin calls customer care, selects the change PIN option, and enters the 8-digit passcode.
  11. Enter the 3-digit CVV number of the ATM Card, and verify if.
  12. Now the IVRS allowed to set new pin, Set New ATM PIN by your own, and re-enter to confirm it.

That’s it. The UBI ATM PIN was Generated successfully.

Union Bank of India Debit Card PIN Generation by U-Mobile App

  • Open the U Mobile App on your Smartphone, and Go to the Debit Card section.
  • Select PIN Generation, and select the ATM Card.
  • Proceed to New PIN Generation, then you will receive an OTP to verify the service request.
  • Verify with OTP, enter the new 4-digit pin of your choice, and re-confirm to submit.

UBI Debit Card PIN Generation by Net Banking

  1. Go to the official website of UBI and log in to Net Banking as a Retail User at https://www.unionbankonline.co.in.
  2. Go to the Debit Card section, and Choose reset/re-generate ATM PIN.
  3. Provide the necessary details on the screen, and verify with OTP.
  4. Enter the New PIN on your own and confirm it by re-entering.
  5. Now enjoy the ATM Service by using the new PIN.

Reset or Recover the Union Bank of India Debit Card PIN if lost/forgotten.

Anyone who loses or forgets their UBI ATM Card PIN can re-generate as per the above steps by calling customer care, U-Mobile by Mobile Banking, or Net Banking Facility. For any support contact nearest branch.


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