How to Check Bank Balance Online & Offline

The digital world has changed multiple banking and financial procedures, making them simple and easy to use on your phone. You can check your bank balance online. Some banks provide various ways to review your account balance, including SMS, push notifications, email, and online banking.

The development of technology has made different tasks that need time and effort simple. For example, financial transactions may be done without going to the bank. You can transfer money, check your account balance, and deposit funds with a single click. Here, we discuss checking your bank account balance, obtaining mini statements, and transferring funds between banks without going to a branch.

Keep track of your bank balance with all the daily transactions. A habit of checking balance alerts one to mistakes or frauds. There are several methods to check one’s bank balance. Email, push notifications, SMS, online banking, UPI, etc. Here are some easy ways to check your balance.

You can get a bank balance check without going to the bank. Banks have introduced SMS, push notifications, online banking, email, and other options. This article will show you how to check your bank balance without going to the branch.

Check Bank Account Balance through Mobile Banking

Phone banking is different from mobile banking. Mobile phones and tablets make verifying bank accounts simple. Banks now provide mobile applications and websites to check account balances. You can also use mobile banking apps for multiple banking operations. For example, some banks allow you to deposit checks using your phone. So, mobile banking will enable you to handle more than Desktop/Net banking. However, a smartphone is not required to use phone banking.

Check A Bank Account Balance through Net Banking

  1. Login into the Internet Banking Account provided by the Bank.
  2. Check your account balance on the account dashboard.
  3. Net Banking facility allows you to check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and so on.

Check Bank Account Balance through UPI

  1. Login into any UPI App like Provided by your Bank, Gpay, PhonePe, Paytm, or any.
  2. Proceed with Balance Check, and Verify with PIN.
  3. The Account Balance is displayed on the Screen for the Selected Bank.

Check Bank Account Balance by Miss Call

  1. Only a registered mobile number is required to get balance details by Missed Calls & SMS.
  2. The bank will only send balance notifications to the registered mobile numbers.
  3. Your bank should provide this option by dialling the Missed Call Number to get the balance.

Check Bank Account Balance through SMS

  1. Sending a text message to check your account balance is fast and easy.
  2. It doesn’t need a website login or a smartphone.
  3. Most banks allow account users to do this. You can request a quick balance check at any time if the bank allows it.
  4. The account balance is SMS to the user. Message notifications should be enabled.
  5. You will be utilized when a financial transaction is made on your account. You’ll also get the newest balancing update.
  6. Banks offer this service named message alert service. This gives you push notifications.

Check A Bank Account Balance through an ATM

  1. Put your debit card into the ATM.
  2. Enter PIN (a 4-digit code).
  3. Choose the Balance Inquiry.
  4. The process for all bank ATMs is the same.
  5. Using your bank’s ATM is best since using another ATM may generate charges.
  6. You may be charged a fee if you use a foreign bank ATM.

Check Bank Account Balance through Passbook

Banks usually provide passbooks to new account holders. The passbook records all account transactions. Open your passbook to check your account balance. All debit and credit transactions are listed. So, keep your passbook updated at all times. To update your passbook, you must go to the bank.

Check Bank Account Balance through *99# NUUP/USSD

  1. Dial *99# on your smartphone.
  2. The popup menu “Welcome to NUUP/USSD, Please wait” will open. OK to proceed.
  3. On the next page, choose your language. (Just enter the language number).
  4. On the NUUP welcome screen, enter your bank’s short name (3 letters) or IFS code (4 letters) (like SBIN).
  5. The NUUP user clicks if the answer is correct.
  6. Now choose your bank’s account number.
  7. Verify the last 4 numbers and press Enter.
  8. Insert a space between both the debit card number and the expiration date (MMYY).
  9. Reply with “send”.
  10. Enter your UPI PIN.
  11. Verify the 6 digits UPI PIN.
  12. The next screen shows the successful UPI PIN.
  13. You may check your UPI balance here.

Call *99# again, select the check balance option and enter your UPI PIN to see your account balance.


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