How to Enable International Transactions on ICICI Credit Card

Enable ICICI Bank Credit Card international transactions through iMobile, Send an SMS, and use the net banking facility at…

ICICI Bank is India’s leading credit card provider, with cards to fit all requirements. ICICI Credit Cards offer benefits on petrol, travel, shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and more. Customers may use their ICICI Credit card outside India.

Before making an overseas transaction, ensure the business accepts MakeMyTrip, ICICI Platinum Credit Card, Manchester United Platinum Credit Card, ICICI Bank HPCL Credit Card, or ICICI Diamond Credit Card. These Credit cards work at ATMs worldwide.

Enable International Transactions on ICICI Credit Card

Using an ICICI Bank Credit card eliminates worrying about currency conversion since all transactions and withdrawals are in Indian Rupees. ICICI Bank Credit card customers may also withdraw cash, make purchases at merchant premises, and buy online when overseas. Before using the Credit card abroad, the consumer must contact ICICI Bank’s customer service. However, it is best to notify the bank in advance.

How to Enable ICICI Credit Card International transactions through Net banking

  1. Open on your PC and use the “Personal Banking” option.
  2. Log in by inputting your net banking “User ID and Password“.
  3. Choose “CARDS and LOANS” from the main menu, then select Credit Card from the sub-menu.
  4. Choose “Manage Card” and go to the International Section.
  5. Tap to enable and manage the transaction limit for ATMs, online, Marchent Outlet, etc.
  6. Submit by verifying with OTP to activate international transactions.

You will be no”ified. “Your request has been completed successfully” appears presently, indicating that the ICICI credit card may now be accepted internationally.

How to enable ICICI Credit Card international transactions by iMobile

Customers of ICICI Bank who use the mobile banking facility through the iMobile app may follow the steps below to enable their overseas use on their Credit card:

  1. Login to iMobile using MPIN or Fingerprint, which is biometric authentication.
  2. Go to the Credit Card and Select ‘Manage Card‘ from the main menu.
  3. Select the credit card for which international transactions are desired.
  4. Next, on the ‘Manage Card’ area, choose ‘Transaction Settings’.
  5. You may choose ‘International‘. Click to continue.
  6. Finally, click ‘Confirm‘ to permit international credit card transactions.

ICICI Credit Card International transactions are enabled by SMS

The Bank has introduced the facility to activate international transactions by send an SMS to 5676766 from the registered mobile number. By following steps hpesto authorise foreign use on your ICICI credit card.

  • Open the SMS app from your registered mobile number.
  • Send the following message to the ICICI helpline.
  • Type & Send INTL to 5676766.

You will get an SMS confirming your regional and global usage has been activated.

Using your Credit card internationally is safe. ICICI Bank supplies EMV chip credit for overseas use. The card data is encrypted on a microchip, making duplication impossible. So it prevents card skimming. No need to verify with two factor authentication like OTP for international transfers.

Foreign exchange fees for ICICI Credit cards

If a transaction is made in a currency other than Indian Rupees, it will be converted. If the transaction is not in US Dollars, the charge will be converted into US Dollars and then into Indian Rupees. On the day the transaction is cleared with ICICI Bank, it may not be the same date.

Unless otherwise required by law, the conversion rate from USD to INR will be supplied by Visa, Mastercard, or Amex on the payment date, plus a Currency Exchange Factor (currently 3.50%).


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