How to Get IDFC First Bank Interest Certificate Online in 2024

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Get or Generate IDFC First Bank interest certificate Online through Internet Banking & Mobile Banking App…

If you have a savings account, it is obvious that you will need to see your interest certificate at some point. Do you know what an interest certificate is? An interest certificate is an annual summary of your interest. It covers both the interest credited and debited. This helps one file the tax return and keep an eye on the interest earned.

IDFC First Bank Interest Certificate

IDFC First Bank offers higher interest rates, and it credits the interest amount in one’s account every quarter. Using IDFC First Bank’s interest certificate, one can easily view the total interest earned throughout the year.

How to get an Interest certificate from IDFC First Bank

 There are two direct ways by which one can get the IDFC Bank Interest certificate online. The methods include: –

Using IDFC First Bank Internet Banking Facility: To use this method, you must first be ready with your active registered mobile number. Now, follow the steps discussed below to get the IDFC First Bank Interest certificate online: –

  1. Visit the IDFC First Bank Official Website
  2. Login by Using RMN
    • The login window for Internet banking is on the home page. You must enter your registered mobile number there and press the ‘Proceed to log in’ tab.
  3. Enter Password
    • On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your password. Enter the password and correct the Captcha code to proceed further.
  4. Login
    • Press the ‘Login’ tab to log into your Internet Banking Account
  5. Select ‘Customer Services’
    • On the main screen that appears after the login, you will be able to see the ‘Customer Services’ option. Click on that.
  6. Download Interest Certificate
    • Now, you will see a list of services that you can avail of for your IDFC First Bank account. Choose the ‘Statement and Advice’ section. In that section, you will find the ‘Interest Certificate’ option amongst various others. If you want to Email or download the interest certificate, click on the ‘Download/Email’ option given in front of it.
  7. Select the Period of Interest Certificate
    • In the new screen, you must enter the financial year for which you want the interest certificate. Choose the year carefully from the drop-down list. Then, click on the ‘Email’ or ‘Download’ tab as per your requirement.

Get IDFC First Bank Interest Rates Using Mobile App

If you have forgotten your Internet banking password, you can use this method to get your IDFC First Bank interest certificate. Follow the below steps to get your interest certificate: –

  1. Download and install the IDFC First Mobile App on your smart device. The link is here.
  2. You must log in via your biometric authentication method or with the four-digit PIN you created.
  3. On the app’s home screen, you will see the option ‘Customer Services’; click on that.
  4. There, you will find an interest certificate option. In front of it, you will find the download option as well. Click on that.
  5. You must now select the year for which you need an interest certificate. Then, tap the ‘download’ tab.
  6. You will find the interest certificate in the download preference area of your phone storage.

Note: You can also choose the’ Email’ option to receive an interest certificate via email. Please comment if you have any questions, and we will reply with a solution.


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