ICICI Pre Paid Sapphiro Forex Card Offered ₹15,000 Benefits to Students Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad has become common these days, with Indian students travelling to countries all over the world like America, China, and Korea. However, difficulties can arise after arriving, especially concerning money. This includes expenses like college admission fees, course fees, and daily living expenses, which require the use of local currency and can result in hefty fees for currency exchange. ICICI Bank has introduced a solution to these issues.

On Tuesday, ICICI Bank launched a Pre Paid Sapphire Forex Card designed specifically for Indian students pursuing higher education abroad. This new card aims to provide special benefits to students overseas, allowing them to easily manage daily living expenses, travel costs, food, and essentials, as well as college admission and course fees.

The bank has stated that there will be no cross-currency markup charges when using the Safiro Forex card, allowing students to load a single currency on the card and easily use it for transactions worldwide.

The bank has also announced Rs. 15,000 in benefits and special facilities for cardholders. Deposits can be made into the card by students and their parents from anywhere and at any time using the ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app or internet banking. It has been clarified that transactions can be easily conducted in other countries using the local currency with no additional fees.

Advised to visit the official website of the ICICI Bank or contact the forex section at a nearby branch.


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