IDBI Customer ID, How to Get IDBI Customer ID in 2024

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IDBI Customer ID gets through Passbook, Welcome Letter, Chequebook, Statement, and other ways from…

Customer ID is a unique identification number we receive from the bank when we open an account. It is printed on the passbook, chequebook, and other documents issued by the bank. Anyone who is struggling to recover and get their user ID back needs to know their customer ID or forget their IDBI bank Customer ID.

IDBI Customer ID

If you don’t have a customer ID, you won’t be able to use internet banking to access your account. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get in a simple manner.

Few sources to find.

There are several ways to find out what your IDBI customer identification number is.

  1. Welcome letter from IDBI.
  2. Passbook Front Page.
  3. Using a Bank Statement.
  4. Contacting Customer Service.
  5. Cheque Book.

Know your IDBI Customer ID through the Welcome Letter

After opening an IDBI bank account, a welcome letter will be mailed to the Customer’s e-mail address. The Customer ID information is available in the letter, along with your account number, name, and other information.

Get IDBI Customer ID by Passbook

This is the most basic method to get your Customer ID easily. The bank passbook contains the customer ID. So, have a look at the first page of your passbook, your Customer ID printed on the passbook.

How to Get IDBI Customer ID by Statement

The transaction activity will be reflected on the account statement, and the account related information will appear at the top of the statement. Customers can see their Customer ID at top of the bank statement.

How to Know IDBI Customer ID at Bank Branch

  1. Consult the helpdesk officer at the account holder’s branch.
  2. Request your Customer ID from the bank employee.
  3. Officials from the bank will ask for information in order to verify your identity.
  4. Give your customer ID based on the information you provided, such as your account number.

How to Know IDBI Customer ID through ChequeBook

Every bank provides a chequebook to its customers, like IDBI Bank. The customer ID is printed on the chequebook’s front page.

Know your IDBI Bank Customer ID by Contacting Customer Service

IDBI Bank offers customer support through registered mobile phones. Here’s how to get from customer service support.

  1. Call the IDBI Bank Customer Service line at 1800 209 4324
  2. Select your preferred regional language and verify your details with the support assistant.
  3. Ask your Customer ID, they will help you to know and recover..

How to Know IDBI Customer ID through Net Banking.

Internet banking is the ultimate destination for getting all bank services. The below steps help you know your Customer ID.

  1. Visit the IDBI Bank website & Log in.
    • Follow the bank’s Personal Banking Login Page, and log in through Login ID & Password using the given Security Code.
  2. Go to your Profile or Account Section.
    • You can see the Customer ID and complete account information once you select the account number associated with your profile.

In case of any issues, don’t hesitate to contact customer care or visit the nearest branch for complete details.


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