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iMobile Registration for ICICI Bank Mobile Banking Registration online…

ICICI Bank Customers can check their accounts manage credit cards and loans online through mobile banking facility through iMobile App. ICICI mobile banking allows every banking service provided under the bank. In this guid, we will help you to register for ICICI Mobile Banking Facilities through iMobile app for Android and iOS users.

Simple as using any other smartphone software, mobile banking is easy to use. Sign up and log in to access the mobile banking services online at any time and anywhare. To access mobile banking services such as checking balances, transferring money, paying bills, starting or cancelling FDs and RDs, customers must register using their mobile number.

iMobile Registration for ICICI Bank Mobile Banking

  1. Usually, download the iMobile App from Google Play Store for Android users, and the iOS users can download from Apple App Store.
  2. Allow the needed permissions such as Call, SMS, Location.
  3. Verifying your mobile number requires SMS and phone permissions.
  4. It’s possible to disable location permission.
  5. Choose I already have an account now.
  6. On the new display, click ‘Activate‘.
  7. Next screen, select the ‘SIM‘ registered on the bank.
  8. Click Verify Mobile Number to begin the SMS verification procedure.
  9. Now App will verify your mobile number. Verify the App gets SMS permission.
  10. Finally, enter your ATM or Credit Card with PIN to activate ICICI Mobile Banking.
  11. Generate ‘Four Digit MPIN‘ after successful verification.
  12. For a faster and more secure login, activate fingerprint or Biomatric authentication.
  13. The popup window now shows a successful mobile banking activation message.
  14. You’ll also get an SMS verifying your ICICI mobile banking registration.

The ICICI Bank Customer can register for Mobile Banking at any ICICI Bank branch. To complete the registration, need to provide identification documents. The following ID documents are allowed for ICICI Bank Mobile Banking registration.

  • Original bank introduction letter
  • Driving License
  • Employee Identity Card
  • PAN Card
  • Ex-Service Man Card
  • Card of the Indian Medical Association/Senior Citizen.
  • PIO Booklet for returning NRIs
  • PSU provided photo ID cards to retired employees
  • MAPIN card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card

Benefits by Registering ICICI Mobile Banking

ICICI’s mobile banking service has many benefits, particularly for everyone who has a smartphone. These are the main advantages:

  1. You can simply manage your account.
  2. You may see your transaction history and account balances and do other account-related operations.
  3. Take the opportunity to benefit from international security features and encryption techniques that protect your transactions and account activity.
  4. Pay utility bills including energy, water, rent, phone, etc. swiftly and easily.
  5. Get unique app-only deals and discounts on purchases made using the app or mobile banking.
  6. Find the advantages of SMS Banking and NUUP for customers without smart phones or data access.

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