Jio vs Airtel vs Vi Recharge Plans 2024 – Check the New Rates effective from July 4

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The leading telecom companies in the country have announced a significant increase in the prices of their recharge plans. First, Jio announced, and soon after, Airtel and Vodafone Idea also announced.

However, despite the price hike, Jio’s plans are once again cheaper. The new rates will take effect from July 3, 2024. Jio announced a price increase for its plans, followed by Airtel and then Vodafone Idea. Vodafone Idea’s new rates will be effective from July 4. If recharged before then, old rates will apply.

Reliance Jio’s plans are still cheaper compared to Airtel and Vodafone Idea. The prices of popular plans are lower with Jio. For instance, Jio’s minimum recharge for 28 days is Rs. 189, while it has increased to Rs. 199 with Airtel and Vodafone Idea. For the 84-day plan, which is popular, Jio’s new rates have increased to Rs. 799, while Airtel and Vodafone have set it at Rs. 859. All three companies have announced that they will offer unlimited 5G data only to those who recharge more than 2GB from now on.

Jio vs Airtel vs Vi New Rates 2024

BenefitsJioAir TelVodafone Idea
28 days, 2GB data, Unlimited calls189199199
28 days, 1GB/day data, Unlimited calls249299299
28 days, 1.5GB/day data, Unlimited calls299349349
28 days, 2GB/day data, Unlimited calls349409 (2.5GB)379 (30 days)
56 days, 1.5GB/day, Unlimited calls579579579
56 days, 2GB/day, Unlimited calls629649649
84 days, 1.5GB/day, Unlimited calls799859859
84 days, 2GB/day, Unlimited calls859979979
365 days, Unlimited calls3599 (2.5GB)3599 (2GB)3499 (1.5GB)
1 GB Data Plan1922 (one day)22
2 GBData Plan2933 (one day)
6GB Data Plan6977 (4GB)48 (one day)
84 days +6GB data+calls479509509
Jio vs Airtel vs Vi Recharge Plans 2024

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